A Gift for Coler: Momo

A Gift for Coler: Momo

A gift for Coler, Momo, waltzed into the Roosevelt Island facility yesterday. Angelica, the patient assistance program, delivered the sweet-tempered, light brown dog to loving, new guardians. Coler offers longterm care for New Yorkers as part of the City’s Health & Hospitals Corp.

Reporting/Photography by David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

The mission of the Angelica Patient Assistance Program is two-fold: to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged patients and residents in need of long-term medical care and to support long-term public medical care facilities in New York City.

Mission Statement
Angelica Patient Assistance Program
Momo, as much photo ham as lovely dog, awaits her star turn, eager to settle into her new home with the creative spirits at Open Doors.

Open Doors, an Angelica program, is an arts and justice effort serving Coler.

Roosevelt Islanders may remember Open Doors artists for FADE, a play created and performed by its Reality Poets, last June, in the Howe Theatre. A slam poetry reading was their first show in Gallery RIVAA in April, 2017.

When Coler Hospital Welcomed Momo
In a touching moment, Momo’s caregiver, Beth Robison, walks Momo into her new home with Open Doors at Coler.

Momo, a companion gift, moves into a new role as companion for Coler’s Open Doors artists.

Cover for Coler ED Robert Hughes with Judy Berdy and Momo mug
Coler Community Advisory Board volunteer Judith Berdy talks executive director Robert Hughes into buying a fundraising Momo mug.

Friday, January 10th, 2020, Angelica handed Momo’s leash over to an Open Doors escort. But the generosity hardly stopped there.

Fundraising is in full swing, Momo merch already designed and waiting.

It was a bright moment for our not seen often enough caring culture on Roosevelt Island.

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