• If It Scratches, Itch It. Is That Good Advice?
    We’ve all heard the saying, “if it itches, scratch it.” But is that really good advice? Maybe not. In this personally researched post, we take a look at the science (?) of scratching and come
  • All aboard the Nostalgia Trains!
    It’s that time of year again! The holidays are just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spirit of things than by taking a ride on one of the MTA’s Holiday
    As Twitter implodes under Musk’s rule, a lawsuit argues Tesla is vastly overpaying the world’s richest man. By Sam Pizzigati | November 23, 2022/OtherWords.com Republished with Permission: The Roosevelt Island Daily News A good day’s work for
  • MTA Warns of 5.5% Fare Hikes in Desperate Plea for More Government Funding
    Facing massive budget deficits, the MTA warned Wednesday of higher-than-projected fare increases that could push the cost of a subway or bus ride higher than $3 by 2025 — following another hike already planned for
  • Heads Up: RIOC Switches Days for the RIDA Food Pantry
    On short notice, the ever-secretive state agency changed the days for the RIDA Food Pantry. No reason given, and it’s not even clear that RIDA knows about it as they did not send out a
  • How To Help Local Governments Prepare for Natural Disasters
    One of the best ways to help your government prepare for natural disasters is by staying informed about emergency management plans and safety measures. by David Stone When natural disasters occur, people often scramble around
  • Adams Vows Action to Hospitalize People With Serious Untreated Mental Illness
    In a scripted speech on a fraught issue, Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday said the city’s police, mental health and other responders will step up measures to ensure people experiencing potentially dangerous episodes of serious
  • Pushed, RIOC Finally Sets Up Holiday Tree Lighting for 2022
    As time passed and the state agency sputtered, Roosevelt Island’s Holiday Tree Lighting for 2022 fell into doubt. But as with other recent community events, RIOC finally came through after being shamed, just days before
  • Are Rule-Breaking Bike Riders Making City Streets More Dangerous?
    It seems like every day, you see more rule-breaking bike riders carelessly weaving in and out of traffic, oblivious to the danger they’re putting themselves (and everyone else) in. by David Stone The problems Whether
  • Love at First Sight: Is it Real or Imagination Gone Wild?
    When we see someone who captures our attention and suddenly, inexplicably – love at first sight – we feel an intense attraction towards them, is this a real phenomenon or just something that happens in

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