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What meat substitute is healthiest for you now?

Meat substitutes have become an important part of a balanced diet, especially if you’re reducing your meat intake. These products come in different textures, flavors and types, but they have one thing in common. They replace animal products with plant-based alternatives without sacrificing taste or nutritional value. In fact, vegetarians will tell you that plants offer a much larger and exciting range of flavors, but what are the healthiest choices? Special to The Roosevelt Island Daily News Most meat substitutes are excellent sources of nutrients, particularly protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Choose meat substitutes that are high in protein

Stationary Head Shop? Now, A Main Street Comedy Spills On


You had to wonder on opening day. A stationery store without any stationery? But was it more of what its colorful sign said: A stationary head shop with goals that didn’t match its agreement with Shops On Main? by David Stone The Roosevelt Island Daily News Since a closing, years before, Roosevelt Islanders yearned for a new stationery store, but realistically, it was a pipe dream. In a digital age, stationery stores faded faster than the first cherry blossoms. Only a few survived in all of Manhattan and some misguided retailer would outfit one in our tiny community…? Really? So,

‘Eric Adams Please Give Us a Call’: Mayor Hasn’t Reached Out After Jordan Neely Killing, Family Says

Gwynne Hogan, The City This article was originally published on May 8, 2:47 pm EDT by THE CITY The family of Jordan Neely, the 30-year-old man who was killed in a crowded subway car last week after former Marine Daniel Penny put him in a fatal chokehold, spoke out Monday by issuing a public statement and urged Mayor Eric Adams to reach out to them.  “Mayor Eric Adams please give us a call. The family wants you to know that Jordan matters,” attorneys Donte Mills and Lennon Edwards wrote in a joint statement on behalf of Neely’s family, released one

Activities and Lunches, the CBN/RI Older Adult Center, June 2023

The CBN/RI Older Adult Center, for June 2023, posts a full complement of activities and daily lunch menus. Some restrictions – mask-wearing and social distancing – remain in force, but the facility is fully open and active. The Carter Burden Network manages this center. The Roosevelt Island Daily News Activities & Lunches More from the Roosevelt Island Daily News

Cartoonish Partisan Circus Greets Trump’s Arrest in Downtown Manhattan

The indictment of former President Donald Trump turned the blocks surrounding Manhattan Criminal Court into a cartoonish partisan circus on Tuesday, with hundreds of people howling pro-Trump and anti-Trump invective past each other in a listen-free zone. Katie Honan and Greg B. Smith, The City This article was originally published on Apr 4 at 3:22 pm EDT by THE CITY With an overwhelming police presence and barricades separating demonstrators, New York officials had prepared against the possibility that the spectacle could become a replay of the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol. But for the most part, it was

David Stone: My Life As A Writer


Originally from Binghamton, New York, David Stone is a New York City-based writer of novels, nonfiction books, online content on several platforms as well as a hard copy journalist and reviewer. He is the author of the Travels With George series of cat adventure and travel books that are illustrated by his wife, cat artist Deborah Julian. “My novels spring from a backdrop of the revolutionary Sixties, when the sleepy Post War American conformity and contentment were blown apart from more angles than you can count – civil rights, Vietnam, modern art, beats, hippies and the counterculture. My main character,

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