Roosevelt Island Daily News Right Now

Roosevelt Island Daily News Right Now

It’s Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

In 2018, Director of Parks and Recreation Mary Cunneen shut down the water supply for WFF’s original Cat Sanctuary as the heat of summer approached. Later, she approved chopping down two healthy enough trees on the Rivercross Lawn and followed Shelton J. Haynes’s lead in setting up and managing the suspicious Swift Emergency Medical COVID Testing Site on Main Street.

Mary Cunneen COO: Haynes Favorite Mary Cunneen Appointed RIOC Chief Operating Officer despite a history of questionable Actions

David Stone: Publisher & Editor


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  • Mass Transit: Tram, Subway and NYC Ferry are in regular service.
  • Weather Today: Another rainy day with a high in the mid-50s. Maybe a little less wind. Air Quality Index: Good.

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Roosevelt Island Daily Photo of the Day: The way we were…

Southpoint Park Aerial View
Southpoint Park before RIOC’s wrecking crew hit in 2020. Where shoreline trees and grasses played host to countless animal species, we’ve got rocks, rocks and more rocks.

…a more natural Southpoint Park before RIOC sent in the bulldozers.

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