Can RIOC save the Q102? That question rose fast after yesterday’s Transportation meeting at the Senior Center. And RIOC acted nearly as quickly.

The MTA’s plan to uproot Q102 bus service to Roosevelt Island sparked talk as the session was near wrapping up. It was almost 2:00, and RIOC execs Shelton Haynes and Cy Opperman spent the previous hour answering a variety of questions.

But then, some attendees heard about the Q102’s fate for the first time.

Beginning later this year, the MTA expects to replace the Q102 with a new route. The QT78’s tentative route leaves all areas north of the Roosevelt Island Bridge without service.

It also abandons the Tram, NYC Ferry and Cornell Tech as well as Southpoint and FDR Four Freedoms Park.

Meanwhile, the Q102 turns into an express bus connecting Manhattan and Queens over the 59th Street Bridge.

Can RIOC save the Q102?
Proposed changes in MTA bus service for Roosevelt Island might cripple already overcrowded RIOC buses.

But evidence suggests the QT78 plan was poorly conceived. For one thing, its last stop here is at the subway station, which gives it no place to turn around without going on to the Tram.

Will the new QT78 whiz by the Tram, a fare-sharing partner, without stopping?

Can RIOC save the Q102? They need help.

If RIOC mounts a successful challenge to the MTA’s plans, they need help.

Fortunately, that was immediately on hand. Suad Hassan, director of community affairs for State Senator José M. Serrano, raised her hand.

She joined RIOC public information officer Terrence McCauley, stressing the importance of citizens reaching out to the MTA with comments. More importantly, she recently engaged with the agency over a similar situation in the Bronx.

From that, she learned that the MTA is sensitive to community issues, willing to listen and make changes.

Hassan quickly mobilized with RIOC president Susan Rosenthal, along with Haynes and McCauley. We overheard a conversation about bringing the MTA to Roosevelt Island to hear local concerns.

Earlier, she told The Daily she was confident about such a meeting taking place.

RIOC Responds

Public information officer Terrence McCauley answered our query:

“We are working with the offices of our elected officials to convince the MTA to come to Roosevelt Island to discuss the proposed changes to the Q102 bus route. RIOC is opposed to any change in bus service to our community.”

At least as importantly, McCauley added, “We also encourage all Roosevelt Islanders to express their views on the proposed changes by visiting the MTA website:”

Click on that link, and you get a chance to rate the MTA’s plans and comment freely.

Where do we go from here? Help RIOC save the Q102

Two additional options are available.

  • February 4th at 6:00, the MTA hosts a community outreach meeting at the Jacob Riis Community Center.
  • MTA’s QT78 Route Plan gives you a chance to Tell Us What You Think.

Led by RIOC, community concerns are gaining momentum. And, we’re assured, your stepping up is crucial to a winning effort.

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