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Science and Guardian Angels: Now Where’s the Problem?


Science has a problem with guardian angels.

Why do scientists refuse to accept that we have guardian angels? Don’t they believe us? Is it because guardian angels don’t carry passports or green cards? Driver’s licenses? What?

At War: Science & Guardian Angels

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The Trouble With Right Now

Opinion by David Stone

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Science and Guardian Angels Right Now

It’s not just the fluff-blown present that’s in trouble. Critical details about what is real and what isn’t are and always will be fuzzy.

Science and Guardian Angels, illustrated
 Is this a guardian angel or some clown trying to saw himself in half up the middle? 

Modern science is exactly right…

What I believe is that modern science is exactly right in acknowledging, reluctantly, that we know only a fraction of what makes up the universe, physical, nonphysical and a coruscating mass of indefinite somethings.

What I believe to be brightly hued BS, popular wishful thinking, is the cheery idea that there is any reason to believe we’re going to get clear on much more of it. Why should we?

Exactly, with what tools and how do we even know what to look for with them? The best we’ve done with dark matter is not that we’ve identified it, but that we’ve seen its effect on gravity.

Dark energy, which occupies most of the universe, is a whole different basket of tomatoes. 

The God Particle and Hope

Two decades and millions of dollars were spent just trying to isolate and identify the all-important Higgs boson, what the science-shy mass media stepped up to call the God particle.

Since the only feature most of us understand about the Higgs is how it might open the door to a God, who’s willing to fund a deeper search that might upend hope?

I also think we know less about reality than the lab coats are willing to admit.

Universe Full of Guides

If the world just goes around and around, are there conductors?
 If the world just goes around and around, are there conductors? 

The Truth About Evolution

The truth is that evolution prepares us to become the creative, storytelling, adaptable geniuses of our world, but nothing more.

Evolution, which pulls our strings, doesn’t give a damn about anything less useful than steering us away from walking into trees or forgetting to water ourselves like plants on legs.

Why would it? Nothing more is in the job description.

Our Elysian Plain. Maybe.

As passengers in a scheme grander than you or I can imagine, we’ve never had the need to know the whole shenanigan, and what the heck? If we have a dream of more, we don’t even know what that Elysian Plain looks like.

Evolution is not going to waste its resources sharpening and expanding our tools so that we can accumulate a big bag of unneeded facts about nature or clever tricks to perform during a lull.

How much bigger can our brains get, warehousing useless information just because it may turn out to be valuable some day?

We already handle everything we need to get along and take a pass on the rest. This explains why we latch onto faith and divine intervention as magical explanations and why deniers of miracles are in a sad state of intentional blindness, those committed, I mean, to the doctrine that if you can’t see all of it, you refuse to see any. Such is the state of mainstream science.

Clear As Mud: Science and Guardian Angels

A little unclear?You bet. Lack of clarity perfects the statement.Look at it this way. For a hundred years, we’ve known that the quantum physical world, the buzzing infinity of entangled things that set the immediate background while we work out our dramas and traumas, is stranger for us than any fiction.

It’s a world of intermediacy awaiting definition through interaction, weirder than weird in itself, filled with impossibly tiny particles, probability waves and at least triple the dimensions we know about.

But I believe it all seems so iffy only because a majority of the parts and forces in action are permanently invisible.

What Do Guardian Angels Do For Lunch?

Everybody gets time off.
Science may not see guardian angels, but must they be obvious?

Balls and Walls

It comes off as absurd to us, like balls bouncing off walls that don’t exist. But the fact is, the walls are plain old walls that nature never gave us the tools to see.

We didn’t need to know about them because nothing bad happened when we bumped into them. They weren’t real obstacles, and nature, economically, didn’t waste resources preparing us for them.

If it wasn’t for the trouble curiosity coupled with idleness gets us into, sharing our lineage with cats, we wouldn’t give a damn about the invisibles at all.

Should We Settle?

As strange as the quantum physical world seems to be, we prefer to settle for the insubstantial universe that results than for the possibility that there’s so much more stuff, filling out the universe, than we will ever know. That’s why some people accept the wildly bizarre notion of nonlocality (things are inseparable even when they’re light years apart) more easily than relatively digestible assumptions about fate and a nondenominational God.

Science Versus Guardian Angels

Science accepts quantum leaps, which means changing locations without touching or even crossing any space between, sort of like passing go without passing go, but they insist that guardian angels, with whom you’re pretty sure you’ve shared your life, are figments of your hopelessly romantic imagination.

The reason?

You can prove quantum leaps through lab testing, but the science of guardian angels demands a more kicked back philosophical underpinning.

You don’t march to science’s tune?


You don’t exist, you and your goofy guardian angels. 

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