About New York’s Largest Mural In Times Square

Domingo Zapata talks with Jonn Nubian

New York’s largest Mural, painted on vinyl, covers One Times Square with pop art excitement. Artist Domingo Zapata talked with our friend, YRB mag’s Jonn Nubian, about it.

By David Stone

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As executive editor at YRB, Nubian’s interviews bring art to where it’s more easily understood. His talk with Hudson Yards artist Kadir Nelson, last spring, is also an earlier example.

In a recent issue, Domingo Zapata engages in a conversation with Nubian about creating the largest vinyl mural ever to grace New York City. Meanwhile, his work is already in place. It rests complete in the background.

New York's Largest Mural breaks out over Times Squre.
New York’s Largest Mural, painted by Domingo Zapata, rises above Times Square. Photo by Deborah Julian

For over 20 years Zapata has built a body of work, which varies significantly in motif, though consistently explores themes of sexuality, opulence, and vitality in his signature style.

Domingo Zapata website

Zapata’s, New York’s largest mural, covers the walls of One Times Square. It is “a journey about my life and dreams, but not just mine, anyones dreams,” he tells Nubian.

Six month after building owner Jamestown contacted Zapata, it’s live. Suspended on a scaffold, Zapata worked from 9:00 until 6:30 daily.

Domingo Zapata, creator of New York's Largest Mural, with YRB executive editor Jonn Nubian
Domingo Zapata on the rooftop of the Knickerbocker Hotel with YRB executive editor Jonn Nubian.

In January, 2020, Jamestown donates New York’s largest mural to New York City non-profits, Scholas Occurrentes and Elevate New York. It will be cut up into small pieces for greater impact.

Read Jonn Nubian’s feature interview with Domingo Zapata here.

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