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Cuomo Vetoes eBike Bill as Unsafe


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoes eBike bill, raising eyebrows. The bill passed with huge majorities in both houses. But common sense prevailed in the governor’s office, and he told the legislature to try again, keeping safety in mind.

Cuomo vetoes ebike bill
eBikes are the choice delivery workers, many of them immigrants, but they are illegal. And, on Roosevelt Island, operated recklessly without consequences.

Reporting by David Stone

Just six state senators and four assembly members voted against the bill legalizing eBikes, but it only requires a single governor to overturn them.

Cuomo was clear all along that he wanted better safety requirements. Like lower speed limits and helmets. He has the science behind him.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), people riding e-bikes were more likely to suffer internal injuries and be hospitalized compared to the other riders. (Source)

E-bike injuries are also more than three times as likely to involve “a collision with a pedestrian,” they told Reuters.

We’ve warned RIOC’s Public Safety Department repeatedly about eBikes running stop signs, speeding, racing down sidewalks and otherwise threatening food traffic. But to no avail as the ultra passive PSD simply watches the lawbreakers, an no action is taken.

Maybe now that the boss has spoken, RIOC will wake up. Don’t count on it, though.

eBikes are illegal, but advocates say, “So, what?”

eBikes have never been legal in New York, but that’s irrelevant to advocates and PSD.

“Our state has failed to help tens of thousands of New Yorkers who desperately need relief from punitive measures taken against them every day for merely doing their job.”

State Senator Jessica Ramos

Danny Harris of Transportation Alternatives posted on Twitter, “Governor Cuomo has refused to deliver justice for working cyclists who have been targeted and harassed for using e-bikes to do their jobs.”

No, Harris and Ramos. For flouting a law aimed at protecting riders and pedestrians.

And violated with impunity on Roosevelt Island.

Cuomo Vetoes eBike Bill: Will RIOC follow his example and promote safety?

“E-bikes are illegal to operate in New York City,” New York City mayor Bill de Blasio said in October.  “Those at the top of the food chain (business owners) need to be held accountable.”

RIOC PSD announced a similar effort targeting business owners in August but, in the end, did nothing.

“E-bikes are too often a danger on the City’s streets and sidewalks,” said retiring police commissioner Jame O’Neil. “They’re illegal to operate here, but it seems like you can spot them everywhere.”

Listening, RIOC? Or will it take another Main Street cyclist’s death to get some action from Public Safety?

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  1. Totally agree! They go this way and that. On sidewalks, through red lights and stop signs, the wrong way, etc. I’ll be crossing the street at the light, making sure that those crazy cars are stopping, when suddenly an e-bike comes from the opposite direction. Scares the hell out of me!
    They too suffer as they will get hit by the cars. It really is the businesses that these delivery people are employed by that should be held accountable; paying little and by the delivery.

    • Holding employers responsible, a tactic favored by Mayor de Blasio, is what RIOC said it would do. They put it in writing, then failed to do anything, leaving every hazard in place. You can’t walk down Main Street without seeing multiple violations. What you can’t see is PSD’s overstaffed officers out doing anything but coasting around in heated vehicles.

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