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Bad Bitch Chang, Sophia Tells YRB’s Nubian What Smart Is


Bad Bitch Sophia Chang says, “I call myself the CAO, the Chief Agitation Officer.” The interview with YRB Magazine’s Jonn Nubian leaves no doubt. She’s the cultural spark we’d have to invent if she wasn’t already here.

By David Stone

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The Baddest Bitch In The Room, an audio-only (so far) book by Sophia Change gives many listeners their first chance to experience Chang’s straightforward insight and power. She’s been a force in music for 25 years. The first Asian woman in hip-hop breaks it down in conversation with YRB executive editor Jonn Nubian.

Jonn’s the perfect interviewer, (See Wu Tang Clan, Of Mics and Men), knowing the best technique is to point her in a fertile direction, then get the hell out of her way.

Bad Bitch Sophia Chang
Bad Bitch Sophia Chang: “I call myself the CAO, the Chief Agitation Officer.”
Photo credit: YRB Magazine

She’s wonderful, original, electric and real in this interview.

“I think my attitude has helped me in general, but certainly it’s hurt me, too. I am a petite Asian woman who walks into every room like I’m six feet tall. I’m a petite Asian woman who says fuck on the regular. I’m a petite Asian woman who has no fear of upsetting the apple cart and pounding my fist on the table.”

Sophia Chang, talking with Jonn Nubian for YRB Magazine

Her book’s not likely to expand into print. The direction is more likely to a movie.

“What I want is for people to go, I’m listening to a movie,” she says.

Baddest Bitch Sophia Chang…

Enjoy the exuberant ride from Vancouver past Paul Simon, Wu Tang Clan and the USA Shaolin Temple. “The first Asian woman in hip-hop” barely begins to describe her.

Jump on board with Jonn Nubian in YRB magazine: Feature: Sophia Chang – The Baddest Bitch In The Room.

Sophia Chang will never escape your notice again.

More Jonn Nubian for YRB…


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