Of Mics and Men, The Interview

About Of Mics and Men… Twenty-five years ago, Wu Tang Clan changed hip-hop. Their music brought humanity to a raw, turbulent musical/poetic scene. Now, Showtime tells the story.

Of Mics and Men inspiration: Wu Tang Clan Today
Wu Tang Clan’s surviving members at a private showing for Of Mics and Men.

Showtime launched Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics And Men, a 4-part limited docuseries from filmmaker Sacha Jenkins.

YRB editor Jonn Nubian asks Jenkins and the surviving members to reflect of those paradigm shifting days.

Related: Jonn Nubian talks with Sophia Chang, the first Asian woman in hip hop and Wu Tang Clan Manager.

Sophia Chang’s recent audiobook, The Baddest Bitch in the Room, in spite of the title is a feeling reminiscence. Among other things, she talks about Wu Tang Clan’ kindness and generosity.

“As a storyteller, to have the opportunity 25 years later to tell that story when they were ready to tell it, was very important,” Jenkins tells Nubian.

“For me, it’s a story beyond just the music.

“It’s a story of racism, Staten Island, horrible school systems, The 5 Percent Nation and how HIP-HOP was a spiritual leader for all of us and changed our lives.

“What they made was the soundtrack to my life and many of our lives, but also what they experienced was the same thing I experienced in my own neighborhood.” – Sacha Jenkins

Read Jonn Nubian’s full Of Mics and Men interview

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