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What We Lost: Roosevelt Island, 2019, Fall For Arts


Scenes: Fall For Arts 2019… Perfect weather welcomed muralists, kite lovers and more to Roosevelt Island for Fall For Arts 2019. The whole thing’s organized and sponsored by RIOC, and friends came along for the Island of Art event.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

Looking back, the contrasts sharpen against the background of COVID-19, civil unrest and, locally, a poorly led community out of focus.

Tumult in the last twelve months may have fooled us into believing we changed, but all the potential then remains here now. Let’s have a look.

Scenes: Fall For Arts 2019, Kite Flight
Scene from Fall For Arts 2019: FDR Four Freedoms Park invited families to design, make and fly kites. A perfectly gentle breeze cooperated.
Susan Rosenthal with Gale Brewer
RIOC President/CEO Susan Rosenthal greeted Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer at the event in Four Freedoms Park. Rosenthal became a 2020 loss.

Rosenthal is an art lover whose encouragement helped fire the defining Island of Art concept.
Arline Jacoby at Fall For Arts 2019
Fall For Arts highlight: Pioneering artist, teacher and organizer, 95 year old Arline Jacoby brought her brushstrokes to the Rivercross lawn. She had not lost her touch.
Arline Jacoby and Anne Marie Dannenberg team for a mural.
Jacoby teamed up with Anne Marie Dannenberg on fresh artwork.

Scenes: Fall For Arts 2019, Murals, Kites and More…

Erica Spencer-EL with her mural in progress
RIOC’s Erica Spencer-EL showed she’s more than an organizer. Her mural is a direct expression of the festival’s theme.
Painter/Photographer Esther Piaskowski coaches a team of Girl Scouts as they create a fresh mural.
Kite Flight for Peace and Human Rights
In FDR Four Freedoms Park, Kite Flight for Peace and Human Rights was a family affair with personal styles.
Watch ’em fly! Take a virtual walk through Kite Flight for Peace and Human Rights.
Kite Flight for Peace and Human Rights
More fun, Kite Flight for Peace and Human Rights, FDR Four Freedoms Park.
RIOC was generous with art supplies.
Event sponsor, RIOC, was generous with art supplies.
Kites can be personal.
For some, kites are a private pleasure, away from the crowd.

The Murals

RIVAA artists Ioan Popoiu and Tad Sudol start filling in the design.
Save the Arctic fits the environmental theme of the day.
Vital importance of water for saving the Earth.
Environmental preservation starts with knowing the crucial significance of water.

But if you want a clear view of how thoroughly we’ve lost our way…

Wildlife Freedom Foundation at Fall for Arts
Wildlife Freedom Foundation leader Rossana Ceruzzi brought a team, Orya Shusterman-Baci, Alma Shusterman-Baci and Anna Maria Blajer, to help with her mural.

In 2020, Ceruzzi and WFF are fighting for survival after an inexplicably aggressive assault from one-time friend and sponsor, RIOC.

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