NYC Ferry Big Changes, Starting Monday


Beginning Monday, September 12th, NYC Ferry makes the first major change in how they charge passengers. The base rate jumps to $4.00 per ride, but there are discounts too, including all new breaks for seniors and the disabled.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Here’s what NYC Ferry had to say.

Dear NYC Ferry Rider,

Starting September 12, 2022, NYC Ferry will be modifying our service in several ways including:
Fall 2022 Schedule Change
Fare and policy changes

Fall 2022 Astoria Route Schedule Change

The NYC Ferry Fall schedule will go into effect on Monday, September 12, 2022. Please plan your trip accordingly. For all schedules, please visit our site.

Schedule Changes*
Fare and policy changes

Along with the adjusted schedule, the following changes will be going into effect on September 12, 2022:

Updated Base Fare
One-Way ticket base fare will be $4.00.

30-Day Passes Eliminated
30-Day Passes will be eliminated, including the Standard Monthly Pass and the discounted Monthly Pass.
30-Day Passes purchased prior to 9/12/22 will continue to be valid for 365 days after purchase.

Bicycle Fee Eliminated
Riders will no longer be charged to bring their bike onboard.
Bike One-Way, One-Way Pass with Bike and 30-Day Pass with Bike will be eliminated.

Save With The New 10 Trip Pass
A Ten Trip Pass for $27.50 shall be introduced as a new fare option.
$2.75 per trip purchased in the 10 Trip Pass
A rider who purchases the Ten Trip Pass will pay $27.50 and will receive ten individual tickets.

Ferry Discount Program
A reduced fare $1.35 One-Way Ticket shall be introduced as a new fare option as part of the Ferry Discount Program.
The following participants shall be eligible for the program, which entitles riders to purchase a reduced fare $1.35 One-Way ticket:
Senior Citizens, aged 65 and older
Persons with disabilities
Current participants in the Fair Fares NYC program

Tickets Expire After 90 Days
Starting September 12, 2022, all tickets, whether purchased via App or Ticket Vending Machine, will be valid for 90 days.
All tickets sold prior to September 12, 2022, will continue to be valid for 365 days after purchase.

Thank you for riding with us!

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