Fresh Salads, Energy Drinks – New at Bread & Butter Market


When the owners redesigned Bread & Butter Market(589 Main Street, Roosevelt Island), they wanted it not just better, but also new. Change for the better brought healthier food and beverages to their front-end deli.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Through the spring and early summer, the oldest established business on Roosevelt Island’s Main Street became new again. The owners wanted to create the best deli in New York City. Their research showed them what made other delis great as well as what didn’t work.

New at the deli: Fresh salad fixings

Along with top breads and meats from Boar’s Head, they saw the need for fresh, takeout salads, an area where they hadn’t focused before. Today, customers can add a variety of veggie treats – sun-dried tomatoes, tofu squares – that make tossed salads tasty as you like them.

But sometimes, you just want something delicious, already prepared and ready to go.

The shrimp salad is knock-your-socks-off delectible.

And, if you’re busy, ask GrubHub to bring your favorite salads and drinks to your door.

The fresh salads are great, but Bread & Butter Market takes it a step further.

Nothing compliments good, fresh food like the best of beverages – from energy drinks to juices.

Finally, a reminder we’ve heard before, many times…

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…

It also keeps you coming back to Roosevelt Island’s oldest and freshly designed store.

And by the way, it’s also the friendliest.

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