The Roosevelt Island Grocery Store You Don’t Know – Yet

The Roosevelt Island Grocery Store You Don’t Know – Yet

There’s a well-stocked, clean and well-lighted grocery store on Roosevelt Island you may never have visited. Better known for its best-in-class deli, Bread & Butter Market is home to surprisingly diverse and fully stocked shelves of the things you use every day.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

When I moved to Roosevelt Island in 1991, we had a single grocery store, Sloans, which evolved into Gristedes, then Foodtown. Along the way, it tripled in size, but for many Roosevelt Islanders, it never became part of the community.

That’s not true of Bread & Butter Market – “the deli” – the longest-running business on Main Street. Through all the storms, political turmoil and economic downturns, the business has held true to its roots at 579 Main Street.

Featuring an aisle devoted to healthy, tasty snacks.

The key to this grocery store’s success is that it’s a family business, intimate, with members working side by side. That works for a traditional community like Roosevelt Island.

Bread & Butter Market: The Grocery Store You Don’t Know

Fruits and Veggies

Prepare to be surprised.

The store feels bigger as you wander in and find aisle after aisle stocked with products you need and use every day.

Cleaning products with a wide range of brands to select from… and who hasn’t relied on good old Drano a few times, keeping things flowing?

What surprises me is the cleverness with which the team stocks their shelves. The space is limited, but the variety is exceptional. There are no fillers, just quality products you access on the fly.

“They’re grrrreat!”

Why not get better acquainted with what many consider the best grocery store in town? There’s plenty of good stuff waiting, and the bright and cheery family atmosphere is magnetic.

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