A Fresh Win: Roosevelt Island Now Has the Best Deli in New York City


Roosevelt Island has plenty of best ofs, and we’ve always had a deli or two. But Bread & Butter Market’s impressive redesign delivers the best deli in the city along with a well-stocked small market.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

After months of investment, planning and building, Roosevelt Island’s Bread & Butter Market can claim the best deli in New York City. Others may argue for their favorite, but no one will beat out what the deli’s accomplished here.

But there’s more with a large variety of well-stocked groceries and other items geared to household needs on a small island.

When one of the owners of this family-run business told me their goal was to be the best in New York City, I was skeptical. It just seemed too ambitious, but competing in a small town is serious business, especially when a nearby chain gets preferential treatment.

You’ve gotta beat ’em, even at a disadvantage.

And so, I watched them go through the remake over the last three months, getting the work done, serving the community, without closing.

The best deli starts with friendly service from familiar faces.

New York’s Best Deli

It’s dizzying. How does any business keep up with this huge range of products and customer needs?

For one thing, you anchor your offerings on the best products. Boar’s Head provides the best of class in deli meats. Making the best sandwiches demands that.

And alongside sits a tasty display of alternative choices. Salad ingredients ready to toss joined a tempting shrimp salad that was too mainstream for my tastes.

Wash It Down

And for grownup tastes and weekend parties, nifty varieties.

The proof, though, is always in the final product. What should I try?

Something unusual, something fitting my need for something different…

That’s right. Bread & Butter Market served up the first and only rainbow bagel I’ve ever seen. Delicious.

For cream cheese, I picked a jalapeño blend that set my taste buds on fire. I loved it, but I had not choice but to balance the rest of my day with these…

The fact is, this best deli, right here on Main Street, Roosevelt Island, has some of everything. You need it, they’ve got it.

Give them a try and an big A for effort.

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