After Ten Years, Hudson-Related’s Shops On Main Finds Its Groove

Shops on Main launched in 2011 with a boom that bombed. Hudson president David Kramer promised “shock and awe.” It’s too late now for either,

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Happy Foodtown Anniversary: one year ago, this week, they upgraded Main Street

It’s a Happy Foodtown Anniversary for Roosevelt Island, the first. Just one year ago, the retailer fixed a vexing problem on Main Street. We needed a high quality, full service supermarket, and now, we have one.

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Granny Annie’s, A New Neighbor Battles On

When Granny Annie’s took up the task of building a family restaurant in Riverwalk Commons, it was spring 2019. The usual challenges were enough to keep most of us awake at night, but then, 2020 arrived.

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UPDATE: Shops On Main January 2020

Let’s take a look at Hudson Related’s Shops On Main for a January 2020 update. Four months ago, David Kramer gave a rosy public presentation, but the reality doesn’t match the promises. And now, at mid-year, it’s worse.

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