Esther Hicks – 15 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust One Word of It


Esther Hicks is controversial, but is there any truth in what she’s been saying for decades? Is there a congress of 100 spirits – “dead people” – feeding her blocks of thought, wisdom straight from God?

She says that she is a spirit medium and has been able to reroute blocks of thought “Abraham” drops into her head, turning them into spoken words. But is that true? Consider the following examples and decide for yourself.

by David Stone

Who Is Abraham?

Abraham is a “nonphysical entity” – or, as Esther jokes, “dead people,” about a hundred of them as one unit. But they are not just any gaggle of dead people.

They are an advanced group with a direct connection with “Source” – or God – privileged to access all the wisdom of the universe, which they share with Esther.

This claim is what makes the many mistakes, some hilarious and others painful, so inexcusable. Why would they drop blocks of thought into her head that are not just contradictory, but also sometimes simply stupid?

And it’s not just the mistakes, it’s the nastiness, even meanness, at times. Facing someone in mourning, Esther tells them that all deaths are suicides. Death, she calls “croaking,” then cackles, adding “It’s so disrespectful.”

Until her husband Jerry died, she said, “It’s good to see the old ones go,” because it cleared space for the younger generations. When he died – in his 80s – she dropped that.

And “croaking” too.

You Can’t Trust Esther Hicks #Zero:

This one’s a bonus.

So, make that sixteen reasons you can’t trust Esther Hicks. Honestly, I was going to stop at fifteen, but this one was so awful…

The story about how they got the money flowing…

“There is no state of physical decline or damage that you could not recover from — none — not any, if you knew it. If you wanted it and knew that you could. And that’s those miracles that they talk about every day. They’re not miracles at all, they are the natural order of things. But because they are rare, people think they are miraculous. They’re not. That’s the way it is supposed to be. You’re supposed to thrive.”
Excerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on February 23, 2002

Let’s start with “…if you wanted it…” 

If it’s physical decline and you want it gone, then, it’s gone, according to Esther. She adds a condition: “…if you knew it…”

And now that she’s told you, you know it. So, how come everyone keeps declining with age, and we end up in hospitals where doctors try haltingg the decline?

The first Abraham-Hicks follower getting fixed or reversing decline with this insight, send before and after pics. I’ll post them here. I promise. 

But I won’t hold my breath waiting.

Editor’s note: Still waiting.

Leading Off #1

In Boulder Colorado in June of 2004, Esther Hicks said this: “Every bit of it is about economics. Every bit of it, without exception. Everything about religion is about economics. Everything about politics is about economics.

And everything about economics is personal satisfaction. Everyone is personally motivated to do the best that they can possibly do for themselves.”

But in Kansas City in September, the same year, she said, “Your world is pointing toward an insistence on conformity which is causing you enormous grief. It’s what’s at the heart of all of your religious battles, and religious battles are what are at the heart of all of your battles.

“In other words, all of your wars and global irritation with one another are over your determination to promote sameness. Your democracy insists that it’s the only government that works. And every religion (it’s interesting to note) proclaims that it is the only one that works.”

But Esther, didn’t you say it was all about economics?

Two Is Medical Advice They Don’t Follow Themselves

“The very best approach to medicine is, ‘Well, I see your physical body is sick, what’s been bothering you? What are you worried about?” she says. Then, continues, “What are you angry about? What are you frustrated about?’ Because that is what is at the root of all of this. And then say, ‘Let it go, let it go, let it go.’ That’s the message, and if they could hear you and do that, then they would all be well right away.”
— Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Ashland, OR on Tuesday, May 16th, 2000

Jerry Hicks lost his battle with cancer after choosing a course of treatment in direct contradiction to “the teachings of Abraham.” 

Dismissing conventional medicine, Esther — as Abraham — says that a near-immediate return to health is possible.

Just change your vibrations. It takes as little as an afternoon, she says. 

While she blames victims of cancer for not getting their vibrations right, she’s silent on Jerry. He slept next to Abraham for 25 years, Esther described Jerry as better at managing his vibration than anyone else alive.

But then, he died.

Devastating was the news of Jerry Hicks’s illness, it threatened to expose Abraham Hicks’s teachings as fake.

After a clumsy effort to blame his hospitalization on a spider bite, they adjusted the story. He chose “heavy chemotherapy” as the “path of least resistance,” a throwback to older, forgotten “teachings.”

Only after Jerry Hicks died did Esther concede that he battled leukemia.

She offered no explanation about why he hadn’t simply followed Abraham’s teachings.

Reason Three: Why You Can’t Trust Esther Hicks

Did you know that a selfish child is “like Jesus” who didn’t bother himself with concerns about others’ (using Esther’s word) “toylessness?”

With this fantastic claim, Esther abolished Jesus’s empathy and replaced it with indifference. (She claims that Jesus is a member of the Abraham collective of “nonphysical teachers.”)

Earlier, she aligned herself with Jesus and other religious figures like Buddha and Mohammad. “That which Jesus was, Esther is,” she said while in her Abraham trance.

It was the first time Jesus ever became that narcissistic or enamored with wealth and possessions.

And there’s more.

In the same sequence, the concerned mom introduced another concern. It worried her — She couldn’t stay “in the vortex.” — that her son had a habit of kicking the family’s cat.

The all-wise Esther ordered the mother not to interfere when her child kicks their cat. It’s between her kid and the cat. The cat was “teaching” the brat, according to Esther.

Favorably comparing a child’s selfishness to Jesus, followed up by encouraging animal abuse… Is this the spiritual guide to follow?

Esther Hicks may be making it hard for even true believers to stick with her. Even the most duped in a cult should see the dangers of letting a child kick a trapped cat.

Fourth Reason for Distrust…

Lack of empathy exposed limited awareness about the contours of engagement in physical relationships. This is best seen in Esther’s response to pain caused by the loss of loved ones. She’s mocked mourners, referring to death as “croaking.” 

She chuckled at “being so disrespectful.” 

Esther declares every death experience “delightful” without exception. No one’s around who can contradict her. Growing mountains of evidence from NDEs, however, tell a different story. 

(Note: Esther dropped the “croaking” references when Jerry died. He “transitioned,” instead. Gone also was her heartless observation that, “It’s always good to see the old ones go.” Jerry was, at 84, an old one.)

Probably the meanest is her claim that, after dying, we are — without exception — happy, even blissful. Even those with joyful lives who left children, dependents and other loved ones behind.

This trivializes life on Earth, just as traditional religions do, showing this “leading edge of thought” as simply a variation on a tired theme.


Humans did not evolve from apes, Esther claims, but were “a whole new idea.”

Nice try, but we share about 97% of our genes with our jungle ancestors. And the evolutionary track is fairly well known.

Other channels, such as Theo, have no trouble with evolution. We may be cluing in here more to Esther’s (and the rest of the country’s) lack of scientific knowledge.

Here is the quote in all its thickheadedness:

There is thought, and there is Thought Form, and there is Manifestation. Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder. So this time-space-reality that everyone is perceiving is nothing more than vibrational interpretation.

So the Thought Form of that which is man was set forth from Broader Perspective, and has continued to evolve by the experience of those who were having the experience here on the planet. And what you actually see as man or human is vibrational interpretation.

Now, did man come from ape? No, man was a different idea. So how does the idea of evolution occur? And we say: because the idea of each species was set forth, and as the experience of the species is lived, the idea expands. So the expansion is happening from the Leading Edge place and is supported from the Source Energy that flows everywhere the idea goes.

Esther has also said that humans were on Earth during the time of the dinosaurs, missing her guess by only a few million years.

Seductive but escapable.

Wouldn’t you think any “nonphysical entity” with access to all the insight in the universe, as Esther and Jerry Hicks claim Abraham has, might actually know what every high school science student knows already? 

Five More Reasons You Can’t Trust Esther Hicks

Reason Number Six

”Abraham Live,” maybe the creepiest thing to come out of the Abraham-Hicks marketing machine, even if the title itself wasn’t weirdly funny, ran concurrently with the workshops. For only seventy-five bucks, with no right to record a copy, followers could watch Esther do her shtick on their computers.

In short, the Hicks Team was webcasting their workshops, much as the monster churches do and were probably gearing up to ask followers to pony up subscription fees, taking greed to a whole new level. 

As Gordon Gecko pointed out, greed can be good, but when you consider the sales pitch for this thing, it’s hard to imagine who would pony up seventy-five hard-earned dollars for it or, really, why followers aren’t already fleeing.

Quoting directly from the announcement:

We recently had a chat with Abraham about these upcoming global broadcasts of our live seminars, which will allow people to participate in a live event without actually being in the room. So many people, from so many places around the world, have requested that we travel to their countries so that they can participate with Abraham, and this new Live Stream broadcast answers that request. It will be a great way for people who can’t be, or don’t want to be, in the seminar room to still participate in the seminar.

As Abraham used the word ‘participate,’ Jerry asked, ‘Since the people won’t be in the room and won’t be raising their hands, and won’t be able to sit in the hot seat to ask their question, what does Abraham mean by participate?’ Abraham smiled…

Now when you consider the unintentional humor of going “live” with a group of “nonphysical teachers” who claim to be “deader than dead,” you might overlook the suggestion of having a “chat” with them, but what got me was “Abraham smiled….” 

Now just exactly how does a nonphysical entity, who Esther Hicks claims gives her “blocks of thought,” smile…?

Nathan argues in comments that, if Abraham can convey thought with emotion, then they can convey a smile. 

Of course, in reality, Esther claims they convey “blocks of thought,” not “thoughts with emotion” and a smile is a whole other thing. Nice try, Nathan.

The word whacky doesn’t even cover it.

And then, there were seven…

Asked about severely disabled children Abraham said these were “old souls” arriving damaged, just for the experience, saying nothing about how struggling parents attracted them.

An important aspect of their preaching about the law, as explained, is that we are always in control of everything that happens in our lives. A random genetic error, an accident, is not possible, since each individual creates every aspect of their experience.

Esther here comes up with fairly crackpot theory and impossible explanations to justify implausible circumstances.

You Can’t Trust Esther Hicks Number Eight

In Boulder Colorado in June of 2004, Esther said this: “Every bit of it is about economics. Every bit of it, without exception. Everything about religion is about economics. Everything about politics is about economics. And everything about economics is personal satisfaction. Everyone is personally motivated to do the best that they can possibly do for themselves.”

But in Kansas City in September of the same year, she said, “Your world is pointing toward an insistence on conformity which is causing you enormous grief. It’s what’s at the heart of all of your religious battles, and religious battles are what are at the heart of all of your battles. In other words, all of your wars and global irritation with one another are over your determination to promote sameness. Your democracy insists that it’s the only government that works. And every religion (it’s interesting to note) proclaims that it is the only one that works.”

But Esther, didn’t you say it was all about economics? Oh, well…

Now, You’ve Got Nine

Recent books, especially in the series starting with the Power of Emotions as a subject, are not direct quotes from Abraham. They’re rehashed, teachings stretched out with object lessons, in the style of the earliest Abraham recordings. 

They are expurgated by Jerry Hicks, according to his own lights, which reduces their credibility for several reasons we can save for another time.

To get a better perspective on this, try to get your hands on the audio version of these books. At the close of each, they include an Abraham-Hicks live session recording. The difference is dramatic. Moreover, Jerry, not Esther who appears only in the introduction, reads aloud.

Jerry never claimed to channel Abraham.

Note: These later books were repackaged Abraham for profit. This makes them someone’s selective interpretation, not the pure, gut stuff straight from Abraham.

Ten: From the simple Law of Attraction teachings, the Abraham-Hicks team has added many complicated procedures and new ideas. Now, instead of “you get what you think about” and “birds of a feather flock together,” we have a “vortex” where desired things are held in “escrow.” 

They haven’t been delivered because the time is not yet right or, the standing explanation, “You’re not letting it in.”

When it was revealed that, contrary to Esther and Jerry Hicks’ claims, the “Law of Attraction” did not originate with them, they migrated it to the clunkier but original term “Vortex of Attraction,” which does.

End Of The List For What Esther Hicks Always Gets Wrong


The 2012 harmonic convergence predictions. At first, Abraham shrugged these speculations off as useless because, according to the Law of Attraction, we will get what we attract at the time, and nothing can be predicted in advance. 

Later, pressured by true believers in their New Age audiences, they fell into the harmonic convergence line and talked about new knowledge and awareness in the world today that would lead to great change in 2012. Popular demand engendered new truths, it seems.

By the way, none of the big changes ever occurred. Wrong again, Abe.

Twelve: Wisdom

Wisdom, if viable, doesn’t need all the marketing and image control used by Abraham-Hicks. It’s getting to be as if Jesus were pitching pricey sandals and offering to lead pilgrimages for a fee.

In a nearly ghoulish twirling of Jerry’s cancer into a marketing tool, Abraham Hicks on July 7th, 2011, sent out an email blast with this exact wording:

“We so much appreciate all the inquiries and love that you have been sending our way and we wanted to give you a quick update.

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

“We’re going to fly to Del Mar on Monday for the next phase of our rebalancing act in getting Jerry back on his feet and feeling frisky. Every day we’re experiencing the relief that we can only receive from Abraham as they remind us about the power of the Vortex. We are enjoying the comfort when we are able to ignore the temporary what-is.

“Abraham recorded a wonderful segment for Jerry last night guiding him toward complete comfort and ease, and that is exactly what he is focusing on now. We’ll continue our city-to-city workshop schedule as posted, which means that we’ll be enjoying the company of our friends in San Francisco on Saturday, July 9th. If you’d like to join the generally frisky Frisco workshop group, you can call the office before 4 p.m. CDT on Friday (830-755-2299). The last San Francisco workshop was filled to capacity, so a phone reservation would ensure that we won’t run out of chairs.”

They didn’t even enter a paragraph break between the news of Abraham recording a segment, whatever that might be, probably a workshop rehearsal tape, for Jerry and the pitch for tickets. This isn’t illiterate as much as it is Freudian. 


In twenty-five years, wouldn’t these “eternal beings”with direct access to the “Source,” or supreme being, have come up with one original, really useful idea? I’d have been happy with a simple cure for the common cold.

(Nathan again, commenting below, implies that Abraham did provide a cure for the common cold. Right. My mistake. Here it is: Don’t think about colds and you won’t get one. How did we all miss that for so long!)

“Move over, Jerry, we’ve got tickets to sell.”

Abraham has never come up with a new idea. Esther and Jerry just took techniques developed by Seth and Theo, with both of whom Jerry and Esther were very familiar before Abraham arrived and blended in ideas from the “New Thought Movement.” 

Abraham’s “hot seat” conversations with attendees are entertaining and sometimes enlightening, but they never break new ground.

I’m not saying they don’t occasionally come up with something fantastic, but something useful and objectively observable would be nice. Most of us would love to have what Esther preaches be true. Well, not the animal abuse stuff, but a lot of it.

How about telling us how radiation or toxins cause cells to become cancerous? Gold star for Esther, if she can peg that one.


Abraham’s teachings are simple. There has been nothing new in decades, except for exercises and concepts like “the Vortex.”

But like a jalopy without brakes, the machine keeps rolling from seminar to seminar as long as cash is available. 

Is this what one who professes to be as wise and all-knowing as Abraham would do? Why not give it away?

So, why keep pumping out new products and cruises when there is nothing more to say?

It’s only fair to assume that an entity with the wisdom and access Esther and Jerry Hicks claim for Abraham would be thrilling. For many of us, they once were, but here’s a recent entry from their Vortex writings:

Fifteen: Thudding boredom and marginal literacy have entered the realm of Esther, Jerry and Abraham Hicks.

I Can Attract Relationships That Agree with My Desires… People are not finding it difficult to find the mate of their dreams because that person is not out there, but because of their own contradiction to their own desire in the thoughts they offer about the subject every day.

When you consistently offer thoughts about your future relationship that feel good while you think them, that means you are consistently matching the desires that you have discovered as you have lived life. And under those conditions, only someone in agreement with your desires could come to you. Under those conditions, no need for control is necessary.

Through each exposure to interacting with others, you launch continuous rockets of desires of what you prefer. And only when you are a Vibrational Match to the culmination of those desires will you allow your rendezvous with someone who matches those intentions that you have gathered along your physical trail.”

— Abraham
Excerpted from the book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships # 80

Anyone who can read that through without dozing off has my admiration. Who thought anyone claiming so much wisdom could be such an infinite bore?

Sixteen: Abraham-Hicks Baffled by String Theory…

You’d think an entity claiming access to all the wisdom the world has ever known would be able to comment on a popular scientific thread that might bolster some of their claims, but no. According to a recording supplied by a friend who prefers to remain anonymous, Abraham doesn’t even know what the best-known theory for explaining the existence of the universe is.

Simply, Superstring (commonly known as just “string”) theory tries to explain some of the peculiarities of quantum physics and how it fails to match up with relativity by proposing extra dimensions and constituents of matter that make the quantum world appear as it does. 

Abraham, after hearing a man describe himself as a “recovering physicist” and make a simple explanation of what string theory was supposed to do, Esther explained that going back in time was a waste, seeming to see string theory as something to do with evolution, which, of course, we already know she hasn’t a clue about.

If Esther Hicks is going to continue faking Abraham, she’d do well to read some newer books and stop looking at herself in the mirror while counting ticket sales.

In Conclusion: Why You Can’t Trust Esther Hicks

If you believe, as I do, that anyone offering guidance from the highest spiritual source ought to be consistent and original, you’ll find Esther Hicks lacking. If you believe any God worth having would be compassionate, you won’t find that in Abraham.

My fifteen reasons are a brief summary. I could easily find a hundred contradictions and errors in fact. If you’re looking for a teacher, you can find better. 

And that’s a fact.


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  1. Honestly dude, I don’t have an opinion about the woman one way or the other which is what brought me to your page in the first place. (I was doing research for someone else) I never even heard of her. I was actually on the verge of agreeing with you, but the more I read I realized, it doesn’t matter what you read; text books, graphic novels, blogs, they’re still pretty much based on the opinion of the author.
    What gave me that realization was you. You wrote in a comment to someone else that this blog had been going for ten years like you were proud of that or something and all I could think was wow, that’s like a one sided bad marriage that seems to be way past its expiration date. Dude, no offense, but you need to get a life. You have spent a decade if not longer fixated on this woman and for what? let it go already. Most people, say their peace, write their books and move on.
    People are going to have their opinions regardless of what you want them to believe or comment about. It’s not stopping her so why are you stopping yourself. You obviously have disdain for this woman, but what you don’t realize good or bad is that you’re contributing to keeping her at the forefront of people’s mind so basically you’re helping her, not hurting her. You clearly have so much talent I would hate to see it wasted, but even I recognize the defensiveness of your replies.
    Post this, dont post this, I don’t really care, but you needed to hear it. I really do wish you the best and for your sake I hope you take my advice, but I think we both know you won’t.

    • Alas, still unable to comment on the content. Same old, same old, and the streak continues.I wonder if Guinness keeps records on nonsense…
      Just one little correction for you, since you are clearly not a careful reader: This was originally posted over ten years ago, and I haven’t written anything new about A-H in years. I just field goofy, self-righteous comments like yours and answer.
      And some insight: Neither you nor any of the other A-H acolytes would ever read this post to the end, which you must do to get to the comments, unless you already had doubts. Panicking into attack mode, without a single argument against even one of the sixteen points, is a constant revelation. I suspect most commenters are deeply troubled with uncertainty, unable to manage the facts objectively, and scramble into a variety of dodges. BTW, the “I wasn’t looking for myself” has been used several times before. Come on. Who the hell does research for someone else, then rushes into an attack comment? Research into what? This isn’t exactly hard to find.

  2. Hi there I thank you for making this comment and it absolutely rings true. She avoids any question she does not know the answer to and yet still calls herself infinite intelligence. However when confronted with a question about the real deal-someone called Bashar she outright said Bashar was way smarter and it really is true-way smarter and way cheaper packed full of amazing wisdom. That Super String theory would be no issue for Bashar which answers questions like that all the time. Abraham also said that they keep things more general while Bashar goes super specific. Personally I followed the meditation techniques where meditating in the morning and creating a feeling of peace and love and staying in that state and if done right I would become super awake and I did experience amazing stuff including rare communication from my own higher mind and physical interaction by other beings. it was profound however it did not last long. I now see that state was called the Hyper Gamma brainwave state and it can increase even higher unlocking even more access to source and more specifics. I have concluded that what Channellers do is access a group of beings which are within the vibrational reach of them to some degree. Meaning the smarter the individual the better the wisdom coming through. To be honest Esther looks as clueless as a person can get. So it’s pretty clear when Abraham Hicks is pushed she will admit she doesn’t know everything like when asked about Tinnitus-the ringing of the ears she said they don’t know and eventually she changed her perspective on it saying that a person can tune it to access different frequencies which is correct HOWEVER there are other kinds of tinnitus like the deep drumming that gets worse and causes memory loss and stunts meditation and law of attraction access.
    That was the one I had and after finally learning about Earthing and how the EMF and Electric voltage I was able to ground myself in the soil and experience way less of that ringing in the ears leaving only the good kind-the pleasent high pitch tone to remain at least until I went back into my room. I have replaced my graphics drawing tablet (research shows its really bad because current flows up our hands) and now I use a normal mouse-already i am seeing better improvement. Bashar has said 5G can mess our immune system up. Abraham says none of these things can affect our connection significantly-this is one of the most dangerous lies so far. EMF from Wifi and 5G I don’t know much about but Electric Fields from computer electronics and sleeping near power outlets can easily be measured using a Multi-Meter.
    Anyway It has come to my attention that yes the sooner we can admit the limits of Abrahams teachings the sooner we can find much better ones like Bashar and who knows who else is out there. i hope I can sort out my brain back to normal order because I can access pretty much any brainwave state but when interference from my electronics comes my left ears drumming tinnitus tells me HELP.
    It’s funny cause when I was a kid I would climb trees (a kind of earthing) and I didn’t sleep close to my power outlet and didn’t have computer and WIFI and that time of my life was great I would have access to insane peace and clarity some mornings that I almost can never replicate…hopefully now things will change. So yes I’m done with Abraham except for generally just wanting to feel a bit better which she’s decent at. I mean to finish this off Abraham has always told us we have our own guidance system and you can bet it fires off for many of us when she says something screwy. That tells us she is not telling everything or outright wrong and I’m glad you picked it up. Don’t worry about the comment above saying to give up, if you have a passion for getting to the bottom of things that’s a good attitude to have.

  3. When I was a child, I learned how to win at table games by only looking at a different place in my mind. And I can still do it at this day. My dad who is a sore looser do not even want to talk about the games i won against him. If someone would try to play against me to try to prove to himself that it isn’t true, he or she would not be able to see it. That’s because trying to prove someone wrong is not looking at the same thing then the actual game to win. The intentions are different, therefore the results will be different. When your intention is to prove someone wrong, its not the same intention as seeing a win of a game or whatever the truth that person is speaking from. ( that is why nobody here leaving any comments will make you see what is real). Its two different subjects. Two very different thing to look at. And if you are not looking at the right thing, you cant turn to see where the answer is. and also, the answer to a problem is not at the same place then the problem. If you continue to look at a problem, the more of that problem you will see. You need to look somewhere else in your mind to see the answer. Not out there. Like math problems. You need to use reason.
    And also, we all have what it takes to figure it out. If the universe, God, life, Abraham or whatever you want to call it, did not think we could, he would give us the answer himself. That is why he only tells us what we already know or are ready to hear because we know of it. The rest we need to figure it out on our own. And we can only know this through experience (because only you, in your mind, can know it).
    Cheers 🙂

  4. At the time of my posting this comment it shows about 153 comments. I’m too lazy to read them ALL! LOL! But I don’t need that many to see all I need to see. First I will say that I am non-religious for the most part but I do know Biblical and such teachings, much of which is accurate if you actually understand what you are reading. That is the key to most everything. Understanding. I’d like to attempt to explain the part about ‘healing yourself’ that you’ve mentioned. To cut to the chase: WE are ALL *energetic* in nature. We are ‘inhabiting’ a physical body in a physical world. Because of our fusion with our physical bodies we must adhere to the physical laws of our environment. By this I mean that, as to our health, we are directly affected by our environment such as diet the air we breathe and etc. which all affects our ‘organism’ or body via physical laws. To put this as clear as possible, as to adhering to the physical laws of our natures; as human beings we can not ‘re-grow’ limbs, for instance, but we can overcome most ailments that basically leave our physical bodies otherwise intact. However, there are certain reptiles, for instance, that CAN regrow limbs and even change sexes if needs be. Human beings cannot do that (it’s against the physical laws of the planet etc.) so that is not included in the ‘healing’ ability / energy of Humans. I only say this as a means to make it very clear to the point I am attempting to make. I have seen some very convoluted and misunderstanding comments here so… However, we are more ‘energetic’ than we are physical. It has been proven that our mind CAN assist us in recoveries that some physicians will see as ‘miraculous’. There are many who have been given a sentence of paralysis who are now walking, mesmerizing their physician. There are studies of children having cured themselves of various diseases by using their mind to ‘see’ the illness in some form of their choosing and then ‘destroying’ it within themselves. What is not understood is the FACT that it’s usually NOT immediate. Due to the physical laws of our Universe AND our own ‘belief’ system we are under the constraint of that gestalt of energy. The stronger you ‘believe’ that something will happen, the faster it will progress for you. It must be understood that just because you SAY you believe something does not make it so. IF your belief is truly as strong as you say it is, than it will be for you the way you want it to be. To speak something is useless without truly ‘feeling’ it. Our FEELING is our connection to our true ‘energetic’ self. Most people just do not want to admit that they are afraid that this teaching may actually be true so they push against it. As to the individual who suggests that Esther is channeling the spirit of a possible individual called ‘Abraham’ in the Bible, they are sadly and humorously mistaken. Abraham is NOT a person. It is a designated title of a group of ‘Source Energy’ beings that she is in alignment with vibrationally. She has chosen this title for them. It has nothing to do with the energy she is connected with and everything to do with her need and most other human beings need to verbalize and personify information that they are given. Hope this helps.

    • I don’t see how this juvenile rambling could help any rational person. Until you have some proof, these are just imaginative ideas that nobody’s ever tested, but of course, you’re free to believe anything you like.
      Good luck!

  5. First of all, kindly excuse my not-so-well english in sharing about my opinion based on an experience.
    I found about A-H from my ex wife, where she has been following and applying this so called “teaching” for many years back then already in her life, in which bothers me quite often.
    In short, I was curious and tried to do my “learning” about A-H to understand further, and made a personal comparison on how it affects my ex wife ideas and thoughts in many ways.
    As a not-so religious person yet (I prefer not to mention my religion for a good reason), I was shocked by the teaching of A-H, as it is surely having a very huge difference from my belief, about God and life.
    There had been so many debates and arguments which ended in fights in my marriage, as I considered she was quite often using the idea of A-H for her belief and understanding about how to be a “good” human being in life.
    This somehow lead my marriage to an end.
    She could never explain or show any proof and or evidence of any reason about every theory she uses, except only thinking that what she learned from A-H is always to be always correct.
    She failed on the basic understanding of the purpose in life, with all due respect to all beliefs.
    She had huge lack of sympathy and or even empathy towards others, which everything had to be based on what she feels “right” first.
    She even started to share hatred by mentioning that all religions or beliefs just separating people and making enemies to each other.
    The words used by A-H, like ; vibration, source, etc, could never really be understood nor explained well, instead only keep them as nice words to say.
    The worst (for me) was when she believes that the “source” (her understanding of God) is only in everyone’s being, where she thinks she is also the God for herself, and nobody could ever control her life.
    Rather than listening to others’ opinion for a fair open discussion, she tends to be rejecting and blaming others of forcing or putting her in a tight corner with no option, especially when she had no answer of something asked, which apparently against her belief based on A-H teaching, without further explanation, whatsoever.
    By the way, she was into one religion, before then she decided to disbelieve most religions’ teachings by / since listening to A-H.
    Somehow, I felt sad with the decision of ending the marriage,
    but in the other hand, I feel lucky if it was ended earlier, for a good long term reason.
    What I had found and learnt from that experience, my quick conclusion is, unfortunately to say (write), that the teaching of A-H is so much not suitable (tend to be dangerous) for human being self development, in the meaning of creating and maintaining good connection and relationship with others (people).
    The teaching of A-H mostly affects people on own self importance (selfish), self justification and, indirectly, hatred towards others (perceptions, beliefs, opinions, ideas, etc).
    Surely, the teaching of A-H is extremely not for me, with all my respect to all people around the world.
    May all peace be upon us all.

    • People take what they want from religious and spiritual teachings. They find something that confirms what they want to believe already and discard the rest. And to your point, logical arguments are out. Beliefs aren’t debatable on the basis of acts ore sense.
      Although I can’t say Esther preaches this, but what I see from followers is the same sort of polarizing that comes with most religions. That is, you are either one of the elites who gets it or you’re a loser of one variety or other. In my case, as you may have noticed, my disagreement means I’m an unhappy, miserable person who gets off tearing down other people. When you have a group where convictions like that resonate, you have group think or cultism where they’re all in the same echo chamber, reinforcing each others convictions at close range.
      Thanks, and best wishes for both you and your ex. You still care about her; so, wish her well and move on. It’s the only honest way.

  6. While Esther teaches unconditional love, her followers lash out at anyone who has a different opinion! This is a case that one can find in a psychology textbook. They are convinced that if they follow blindly her teachings, then they will have what they want, such as riches beyond imagination. Now, if you tell them the truth, that is, that being happy is not enough to reach your goals, then you shatter their dreams and they are ready to lash out at you.
    If it’s so easy to be super-rich, then why super-rich people don’t preach the gospel of joy? If there is abundance and infinite resources, then why do they want to hide this truth from us? Because joy is not enough.
    Esther says that she is the same energy with god, eg Jesus. Can one really imagine god speaking about salivating over burgers, driving the amazing Audi R8, his wonderful SUV, swimming in his lovely zero-edge infinity pool, or how he manipulates reality and always has upgrades to first class on a plane etc…
    I was mesmerized too and I understand abers. I blame myself because even though, I already had two BAs and a MSc, I decided to put aside whatever reasonable thing I had learned, just to follow this “enlightened” point of view. The reason why I behaved like this, it was because I wanted more things in my life. Even though I was young, I was exhausted from all the studying and working. So, one day, while browsing the internet, Esther pops-up telling that you can have everything just by being happy. Isn’t that tempting?
    If one is a “serious” student of Abraham then one will discover in time all the fallacies in these teachings.
    Do those people really believe that babies born in Africa and starving are responsible for their vibration? Really? Do they believe that it is just contrast, having a swollen belly due to starvation? Is this situation going to change when the child gets happy and changes vibration?
    What about babies and children in the Holocaust? Are people idiotic enough to think that those victims were living by default and received their vibrational match, that they asked it and it was given to them? Really?
    Another case in point is politics. Since the 1990s people expressed their frustration over the actions of the presidents and Esther advised them to think in a positive way about the presidents. She literally numbed them. Today in the 21st century that we know more about some presidents and what they did (for example unnecessary wars), the only thing I can understand is that being blind to reality and happy no matter what, it just offers governments the necessary leeway in making bad decisions. People should not be afraid to judge and speak negatively, when they understand that horrible things may happen.
    She, who is so positive, is paradoxically negative about books. The only good books are the ones she wrote. She even says that she doesn’t read books, so as not to dilute Abraham’s message, and in this way advises against books. Why read philosophy, literature, or poetry, when you can watch “The Big Bang” sitcom and laugh?
    People are easily tempted. Reading “difficult” books doesn’t make you happy, it takes time and effort but it makes you more intelligent and you can understand the silliness of Esther’s teachings. I’ve read about someone who burnt books and he was responsible for the WW2. If you want to make people follow you, you must make them believe that the truth is your doctrine and what harmonizes with it. All else has little value.
    So, what if Sophocle wrote that “Money! Money’s the curse of man, none greater. That’s what wrecks cities, banishes men from homes,
    Tempts and deludes the most well-meaning soul, Pointing out the way to infamy and shame.” I suppose that according to J-Esther-ham, Sophocle was an unenlightened human being, maybe sad, full of resistance, ancient and totally irrelevant in the modern world. Don’t read him, grab the Sarah books, the card-decks, the Ask and it is given book! There lies the truth! Really?
    Her inconsistencies are more than obvious when she talks about masks, covid and vaccinations. All those years she keeps preaching the magnificence of the human body, the emotional guidance system and to trust your gut feeling. But now she is quick to dilute this “enlightened” ideas, because she is afraid of bad publicity. The media would devour her, not to mention the lawsuits she would have to face.
    People should be able to use their minds and choose what to do. It is preposterous to tell them not to think but just to believe that all is well.
    She also preached for decades, the notion of happy-happy-dead and that a non-resistant being dies one day peacefully while sleeping. So, what happened with Jerry? He was married to infinite intelligence, he was always happy but died of leukaemia… and of course he had chemotherapy. He, the great asker of questions! I guess Esther attracted that too. Co-creation at its best!
    Last but not least animals. A cat was run over… the cat asked it. Don’t be sad, the cat will re-emerge again again, says Abraham, .
    Should we care about ecology? Not really. Consume as much as you want, fill the Earth with garbage and be happy. Why join the protests against pollution? This is resistance, says Abraham. Just be happy.
    What about species on the brink of extinction due to humans’ impact on planet Earth. No you shouldn’t care… “Aren’t you happy that dinosaurs are extinct?”, asks Abraham and all laugh.
    In her workshop there is no discussion. She doesn’t participate in forums where people could contradict her.
    The more I write, the more I feel embarrassed that I spent years immersing myself in this stupidity.
    In time abers will understand, just because they will be fed-up with all this nonsense that brings no results.

  7. I was introduced to Abraham and Esther through my wife. She really digs her. I on the other hand continue to be skeptical about her (and every other religion and self help guru). I like some Of what she says, but have never taken it very seriously. I think it’s an act, a performance.
    I’ve tried to take the good parts of every religion and spiritual guru and use them when I can. Even Scientology has some teachings that make sense. But I wouldn’t ever pay for any of these things. And they are VERY cultish.
    That’s sad to hear that cat story. I have apparently only listened to the positive videos. That story is awful.
    But unfortunately I do agree with much of what you have written. I won’t tell my wife these stories as it may break her heart.

    • You pretty much nailed it. Your wife’s not likely to hear the cat story elsewhere. It’s something I picked up on the Abe Forum when I used to monitor it, but that’s been a long time.
      In any case, re: your wife, Esther can be a reasonable starting point. She was for me, introducing fresh ideas I knew nothing about. The core inspiration is derivative, that is, she and Jerry took ideas from multiple sources — the New Thought Movement from the 1920s, where the the “Law of Attraction” first appeared; Jane Robert’s Seth Books, which they dumbed down for mass consumption; and Shiela Gillette and Theo where they got the style. Ultimately, they “borrowed” a lot of good stuff and distributed it. No wonder it “works” for some, but anyone who’s open minded will eventually see through it and move on. One thing I’d suggest is giving your wife all the leeway she needs to explore. I’ve seen a lot of people start pushing, and that seems to have the opposite effect. Sounds like your wife’s into for the right reasons, and as long as she’s levelheaded, she’ll be okay.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  8. Thank you for writing this. I followed Esther and Jerry Hicks when I was 26 and for a few years. None of their teaching materials about how to raise your vibration work. And I certainly didn’t manifest what I wanted. Now I know that Jesus Christ is God. Esther is just channeling demonic spirits. Isn’t it interesting how these spirits mock the bible by calling themselves “Abraham” ? I wish someone had told me how evil this channeling stuff is.

  9. Thanks to “Abraham” Hicks, my wife wants to discontinue doctors visits, therapies, and other much needed support for my daughter who is severely disabled – cannot walk, talk, or see. Somehow, “vibrations” will magically solve all these issues. As I read more and more about Hicks, I feel like I’m living in a nightmare as my wife is displaying traits of a cult follower.
    How can I help my wife to see clearly? It’s not only affecting her, but my young daughter’s health and potential happiness too.
    David – any ideas? Thanks so much for writing this. Scary, but much needed.

    • The long history of cults shows how hard it is to get through to people once they’re hooked. Simply refuse to let her harm your child, even law enforcement gets involved. But keep in mind that your wife doesn’t intend to hurt anyone. Maybe a quiet conversation will get her to tell you or a friend why she wants this escape. A hunch tells me it’s the enormous stress of dealing with the painful reality of raising a handicapped child. She may be repressing guilt or managing extreme sadness. A-H may seem like a welcome getaway. Best wishes and good luck.

  10. I for one am super grateful for your article!! Esther-Hicks is a scam and is all about the money. It is so scary how easily we as humans are brainwashed. It’s a real thing and terrifying how people can act and behave once they have consented to drink the cool-aid!!

    • It’s a phenomenon you see in all sorts of things. People seem to be willing to give up their freedoms for the promise of security from someone else’s idea. It runs all through religious practices through the years. I think there’s some laziness about it too.
      Thanks for your comment.

  11. Tery Hayes, even if what you say about healing is right, you have to acknowledge that Esther says quite different things. In her card decks she says that people don’t grow new limbs because they believe they can’t. This is something she has told many times while preaching. I think that you haven’t listened to her long enough as we have, the seasoned Abers, that we now see her fallacies. I don’t know if I can post here links, but on pinterest you can find the card decks and if you goggle the keywords:”grow”, “limb” and Abraham hicks then you will find results about discussions in the abe forums where people discuss what Esthers say at the workshops concerning the growing of limbs. So Esther does include “growing limbs” in the self healing process of humans.
    Apparently you are not a seasoned Aber! The irony!

  12. https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/517421444685043905/
    It is the December 16 card from Abraham’s perpetual flip calendar. I hope Teri reads the card.
    In this card, it is obvious that Esther claims that humans can grow limbs if they just believe it. But Teri Hayes “explained” to us that we can’t grow limbs because we chose to be humans and she also explained what Esther does and what Abraham is. It is obvious that she is not well informed on what Abraham teaches, who has a totally different opinion on growing limbs.
    I am not making this comment to debate whether we are energetic beings or not because I don’t have proof to support such a statement.
    What I want to say is that people really don’ t know in depth what Esther preaches. As Teri said she didn’t even bother to read the 153 comments. She found them too many. If you have studied a lot in your life, then reading 153 comments doesn’t take much time. As there is no other place to debate on Abraham’s teachings, I think it is important to take the time and read other people’s views in this blog. Esther never invites anyone to discuss but she only wants to preach and never accepts invitations to discuss (maybe nobody cares to invite her).
    That’s one good thing about technology. All views can be heard and people can easily be exposed. But people should be willing to discuss, if they want to break the spell and face the facts about those teachings.
    The abers should understand that the arguments against Esther are not arguments against the law of attraction. Such a law may exist or may not. I have no proof. But the arguments indicate that Esther may be driven by… money (lots of proof there, for people that want to discuss!)
    The worst thing that can happen to a bad teacher is having a studious student because in the end the bad teacher will be exposed by the student. But as we see in this case, the students of Abraham do not study much and they spend their time attacking and sneering at people with opposing opinions.
    What happens with abers is just that they are happy having a half-knowledge about the teachings of Abraham and… “half-knowledge is or can be more dangerous than ignorance”.

    • Some good points there, and I saw an analogy to religion. Like Esther, for example, the Bible has a ton of contradictions, and most followers either don’t know or don’t care. That’s why they’re followers. It comes off as a kind of laziness, an unwillingness to go to the trouble of figuring anything out. Just believe. People have their own reasons for how they do things, but this doesn’t seem like an enriching way to go through life. More of a waste.

  13. @davidstone1313 I couldn’t agree more. This is not an enriching way to go through life.
    What made quite and impression on me was that because you expressed your opinions, people came to attack you. Some of their comments are downright offensive, the definition of meanness. Is this the attitude of people that believe in “pure, positive energy”, “unconditional love”, “all points of view are valid”, “not pushing against” etc?
    They choose to believe her, that’s fine. But seeing them starting a war in the comments just because you expressed your opinion, this is appalling.
    Something else came to mind… The Hickses in their beginnings tried to preach children… Do you know this story? Well, Abraham told children that “you can be, do or have everything you want” and consequently the children expressed their fantasies. For instance some children wanted to fly, have super powers and this kind of stuff.
    Well, those workshops were a disaster and they never again accepted children. In a sense those children exposed her! What could she respond to a child? Could she tell the children that they don’t have super powers because they are resistant? Awkward! A fiasco! So, the Hickses chose not to accept children again in their workshops.
    The moral of the story: Some adults can be easier to manipulate than children. Oxymoron but true!

    • Interesting. Never heard about that one, but I haven’t checked in on Esther in a long time. By the time I first posted this, there was enough already for anyone with an open mind. Really, all I was trying to do is offer some balance and not let Esther and Jerry go completely unchallenged.
      And just for the record, knowing some folks who worked closely with them, I learned a lot more that I couldn’t publish in respect for their privacy.
      And, for perspective, I should add that the earliest attacks tended to be angrier and more threatening. Now, the vast majority of readers don’t comment. You never know why but hundreds every day at least get an alternative point of view.

  14. I am honestly a believer in the law of attraction but I, myself have questions about her teachings as well which God forbid I present them logically to a follower, they jump down your throat for wanting clarification. If what she says about food and medicine is true, then we should all be able to survive without water. I would have loved to believe everything she says but something about her does not sit right with me.

    • Welcome to the club, Staci. She has not come up with an original idea in years. From what I see, it seems she’s just cultivating followers.
      I agree with you on the “law of attraction,” but I don’t believe it’s as simple as she claims. People, their motives, hopes, dreams and relationships are deeply complex. Esther dumbs it all down. For what?

  15. Thanks David for opening this discussion its reinforced what I already knew somewhere deep inside. I started listening to AH about 10 months ago. I recently stopped as I didn’t like a lot of what she was saying. Things seemed dark in her discussions, even evil. Like referring to animals as beasts, being completely concentrated on your own happiness, never mind anyone else, money in the bank, etc. This thing about going to sleep and waking up happy and everything will be ok? Sometimes I get in a bad mood. I go to sleep and still wake up unhappy, its human nature. The main reason I gave up this madness of listening to her videos was because I have been on my own for a couple of years now, living a solitary life on a cannal boat, trying to find my own happiness. I smoked cannabis for 27 years from the age of 13 after a disturbing childhood. I seen this as an escape and used to blindly defend it, like the followers of AH seem to on your blog. Anyway I stopped just before Christmas and it was pure hell. I had the worst emotional, physical, psychological withdraws I can’t even put into words. This lasted for 2 months that was brutal, in that time my only solace was scouring the Internet for the few, I mean needle in a hay stack blogs and vlogs on utube that actually condoned the substance. I searched AH videos and found her views on this were neither for or against except for one which kind of said that its like putting your life on hold. This held true for me and I left a comment. A lady said it was like a spiritual holding bay. A month later recently actually I had some other,,, blindly following her nonsense I presume, who posted a link to a recent video where she actually stays it’s okay because it let’s you release restance and allows what you want in? I replied with a nasty comment because its an utter contradiction and proves AH is nothing more than a money spinning load of BS using other people’s ideas that’s been around for centuries and generalising them into a profitable package. I am on the other side of weed now and I fell like I have been reborn, the stuff disgusts me, it seems like they won’t people high on weed because it dumb them down, makes them more pliable and easier to manipulate into what I now understand to be nothing more than a manipulation scam, mind control, damaging, inhumane, cult.

    • Some interesting thoughts there, Daniel, and an interesting journey. One thing I’ll add is that a one-size-fits-all approach to life and living negates the rich variety of human experience. One thing that makes Abraham-Hicks appealing is that it offers a shortcut, an easy way out, without the work of digging deep or discovering yourself.
      I’m glad you’re on your way. Once your feeling more at ease, you might take a shot at writing about it. What you’ve been through is all very relevant and interesting.
      Best of luck, and thanks for your comment.

  16. Thank you very much all of you who have commented! I have read your posts and I feel so much for all of you!
    Thank you David, for opening ths conversation – and I must tell thatI really love your black cat!
    Few days ago I wrote an article on my FB page about the connection of the narvcsiistic thinking and about these “LOA” religious thoughts. As a result, I think that I “lost” about 100 “friends”:
    I am sorry to tell this, but they just have so many common features – which actually this “loss” of “firiends” aproved.
    Extreme cruelty. Lack of compassion. Controlling of what yu can think or how xoyou SHOULDd feel. Etc.
    I’ve “studied” narcissicm (for example from Dr Ramani or “surviving narcissim” pages on You Tube, and oh, what I realised! It all fels as if I woollud be on some LOA group on FB!
    That is why I wrote about it – and about100 of my “friends” did not like it.
    I wa slaughing by myself. I thought: Good bye. Good luck. I wil not be your supply.
    Of course, the Law of Attractio is real. BUT: in the <universe, there are so many other foces than that opersting, that it is not the only thing.
    I study astrology, for example, and this Abraham Hicks acclaims that it is nonsense. So, she ignores the wisedom that cultures have collected for tens of thousand years. And she acclaims that ony she is right, that only the "Law of attraction" is meaningful.
    BH. BH. BH.
    I am so happy that there are people who have seen this BH,too. Thank you.

  17. You’re trying to take everything Esther Hicks says literally. Is that not the reason the bible is not as popular as it once was? Old language, phrases used to describe situations, a likeness of words for example, beast as to animal. Come on. This is a debate you are having with yourself. But, each to their own. How would we ever know the truth?

    • If it was possible to follow your thinking here, I’d comment, but I can’t. In any case, you haven’t actually said a thing about the material, just dumped some random thoughts that may help you persuade yourself. I don’t know, but good luck, and thanks for commenting.

  18. If you could get past your negativity, concerning
    E. Hicks, which is to a large degree, compartmentalized and thereby missing the larger, greater message of how to manifest your chosen reality, you might begin contributing to your unique Vortex of creation. As a result, given enough time,
    you would then be writing articles of appreciation, to a limitless, unconditional realm of manifestation through our loving universe, channeled through Esther, called Abraham. Until then, the veil remains
    over your perception of our earthly existence.

    • You guys just never change. You don’t know the first thing about me, but your eagerness to embrace Esther leads you to sidestepping facts and playing metaphysical doctor for a patient you’ve never meant.
      Now, take a minute to put on your big boy pants, think a little if you still know how and deal objectively with the facts. You might be surprised at how pleasing the truth is.

  19. Dear Claire, since you are a good student of Abraham, why are you paying attention to this blog? Why are you manifesting this blog in your experience? Why are you pushing against this blog? I can see three possible answers:
    1) you are a newbie Abrascam victim, in time you’ll grow up,
    2) you are a bad student of Abrascam, you’ll need lots of time to grow up
    3) you are on a mission, you’ll never grow up.
    Get a life. Read a variety of books, meet a variety of people. If you have something to say, let it be from your experience and research. Live long and prosper, as the Vulcans say.

  20. Dear Carl, you are talking about the negativity of others and you don´t see the negativity oozing from your message. You sentenced David to eternal “blindness”, because he found reasons that demonstrate that Abraham is not infinite intelligence. Of course, you didn’t read the other messages, because 200 comments are too many for your mental capacities.
    You didn’t provide a single argument. You just regurgitated some phrases from Esther’s preaching. In you I see once more a terrible student of Abraham or someone on a mission.
    A song for you by Francine Jarry,
    “Energy flows…where attention goes (x3)
    So focus… on what… you want…
    And that’s what you’ll get!”
    What do you get Carl? This blog. Much love to you.
    P.S If you are a newbie let me tell you that Francine Jarry has composed songs for the HIckses. Does the “Joy joy joy/I can do it” song ring some bells?

    • Thank you for your comment. I don’t agree with some of it but don’t have to in order to respect your right to express your ideas. Thanks, again.

  21. I would suggest that everyone read Sanctification of the Heart by MK Strydom. It is a free download on how the Bible explicitly tells you where disease and sickness comes from which is why 80% of diseases in the United States are not curable by current medicine. It does all start in our thoughts.

    • This is totally irrelevant, but I’m approving it just to show that there are ideas out there much dumber than anything Esther has to say and with even less factual content.
      Okay, who can guess why this book is going out for free?

  22. “A lot of the material I used came from another skeptic who did a lot of research…”

  23. Some seek to understand, some seek to dispute. From my own experiences I find the teachings very interesting and significant. My perception is the this is a valid technique that she has chosen to deliver the teachings and help others understand and become aware of the power of thoughts, how they create the results of the experience for this journey. The choice to dispute is okay, and one is free to move on to seek something else to satisfy them. Of course they never will become calmly content with any answer given, as their chosen state is to dispute. For others with an open path of thinking, and agreeing to evaluate and consider the information, they will eventually learn the power within themselves, which is the results received on this journey are created from the thoughts carried in the mind, thoughts of self image, faith, perceptions that are chosen, attitudes that are chosen, to name a few. Most all are spoken in every religion, if you were above the earth looking down , seeing on one street a group that seemed less fortunate, and the other a group that seemed more fortunate, the only truthful real difference is they hold different thoughts and perceptions that were created from the programming (teachings) from birth. They came from family, friends, anyone and anything that they were exposed to. The combination and how the mind chose to perceive them is the result of the life experienced. Esther speaking from Abraham is to show you that “Abraham” is too accessible to everyone. Its reaching deep into the inner self, the higher self, the one that is pure and without muddy waters of false programming from other things. Jerry, Napoleon, Jim Rohn,Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, SadGuru and many others , are delivering the same core message using different techniques. Not every audience will understand or comprehend what is being delivered.
    The core, broad message is what is experienced is first created in the mind, good or bad, believed or not believed, no matter what religion is chosen, it is inevitable no matter what. Becoming aware and learning how to navigate to have quality thinking, then one has the ability to harness the power and create amazing experiences on this journey. Resistance is often chosen, because previous programming, and ego ,has the individual to dispute such power is possible. Myself i enjoy Esther from time to time , if you find yourself unable to comprehend her teachings and still seek to develop your higher self in a way to improve your quality of life, I urge you to keep seeking to find someone that shares the information in a way you begin to understand it. Its the same message often taught in different methods because we all do not perceive things the same. It is very real, very powerful, even if not believed its power remains the same, learn about it and how to use it to bring joy, fulfillment, happiness and love into your experience.

    • Another self-righteous, poorly informed sermon, so determined to preach, that the writer fails to address the issues in the article at all, not one. This one, however, has the distinction of being more tedious and boring than most of the others.

      • Hi David. Please contact me regarding another false guru/self help fraud. I cannot give more details here.

  24. I believe you are cherry picking and also sensationalizing small pieces to fit a misleading narrative. You are also outright lying- you are the one who alleges they used a spider bite ” story” as a “cover up”:. So we sure cannot trust you or this propagandizing page.

    • 16 specific instances is “cherry picking?” Really? You’re not clear on the concept. I started with ten, in fact, but added five more as I encountered them. At that point, the post was really long, and I was bored with Esther’s schtick. More would’ve been easy.
      As for the spider bite tale, may I quote Jerry’s explanation from first admission of his illness and undergoing chemotherapy?
      “On March 12, 2011 we flew from Del Mar to Boca Raton, Fl where we slept next to the dock with many yachts from many different parts of the world in the slip right outside our window. When I awakened the next morning I had a large welt on the inside of my wrist that looked like a giant fire ant bite. The most unusual thing about it was instead of the usual circular puss-like head that comes up from many insect bites it was a strangely cube-like head. It looked more like a spider bite. I put a Band-Aid on it and we continued the Panamanian cruise. It seemed to resolve into itself as time went along forming a pea-shaped nodule on my wrist. On April 18, I showed it to a dermatologist in Del Mar and she immediately decided to scrape it off and sent it in for a biopsy. We continued our seminar tour and returned to San Antonio getting ready for our spring East Coast run when we heard back from the biopsy results that there was something amiss relative to my white blood cell count and she put us in touch with a dermatologist in San Antonio who was an old school friend of hers. The subsequent blood test in San Antonio showed that my white blood cell count was extremely exaggerated and the physician insisted that I undergo immediate treatment with no delay.”
      They never mentioned any other cause of his illness until after he died, six months later. Rumors circulated about his leukemia, but Abraham-Hicks refused to confirm what was becoming obvious.
      There was a good deal of additional misinformation, lying and dodging, but the spider bite as what they stuck with. Now, you can chose to believe whatever you like, but we stick with facts here. If you don’t like them, it doesn’t matter. They remain facts.

  25. Hi David,
    The very first thing I have to say is that it was extremely hard to find any counter post against Esther Hicks and Abraham on Google for now. (There were only your blog, a topic on Quora, on Reddit and an old archived forum that really had discussed about this). I had just finished her book “The LOA Basics” and now’s reading “Ask and it is given”. It was my luck to have found this blog, cause there were some points in the books that I was really confused about, and everyone just innocently said thanks to her without any discussions nor witness.
    So I’m a newbie here, due to the language barrier, I have no chance to join any of her meetings or to fully watch her videos on Youtube. I feel so sorry that I don’t have enough evidences to contradict any of your 15 reasons overthere. But, I still have some questions, if you could spend your time to answer, I would be very grateful for that.
    1. First, is everything from her and Abraham just a scam? All of their books, their DVD, their talks are just a trick? Esther and Jerry copied others’ ideas to create Abraham and their teaching just to find more money, didn’t they? Or there’re still some truths that we can accept? Is “Esther start acting unpolitely since Jerry is gone” an evidence to prove that she totally was a liar right from the start, or just a liar after her husband death? Oh God, Is There Anything Real? Anything That I Could Trust?
    2. Secondly, do you have any suggested books that I should read instead of these books? Abraham’s books satisfied me a lot, so if all of these books are trashes, please, can you suggest some books about LOA which (in your opinion) are true, reliable and should be read by everyone? (I don’t belive in Google lists, I belive in sharp reasoners – like you – no matter you are true or false) Where, in which books, could they find those fantastic idea about how our emotions related to our reality creation? Or did they totally create that by theirself?
    3. And the last, what do you think could be the reason for all of her/their collapse? Why did Esther lied about Jerry and act in that way to destroy people trust about her, to destroy your trust about her, to destroy everything she had built for more than 20 years? Why do she need to do that?
    Please reply me if possible. Thanks for your everything. And sorry for my sentences because I’m not really well at English,

    • Sure, Zero. Just for the record, I was the second blogger to take up Abraham Hicks skepticism. I started out on the positive, but like a lot of others, something Esther said started me wandering. With her, the more you look, the more problems you find. For me, it was her claim that all 3,000 people who died in New York on September 11th, 2001, were suicides. “No exceptions!” she demanded. So, pregnant women jumping from the 90th floor to avoid burning to death were suicides? What about all those who were crushed when the towers fell? All suicides, Esther insisted. And she was not even empathetic about it. She chuckled about being “so disrespectful.” Enough for me.
      Anyway, as far as your questions.
      1. Because Esther and Jerry derived their material from respected sources, there’s plenty of value. It’s just not original. The “law of attraction” first came into use during the New Thought Movement in the 1920s. If you Google it, you’ll find plenty what Esther repeated, claiming it was original, 70 years later. Although Esther and Jerry were certainly interested in the money, people who knew them will tell you they had good intentions to help as well. Friends and insiders will tell you that fame and fortune changed them. Greed and control came into it. They also tell us that Jerry never practiced any of the routines Esther suggests, and Esther’s temper was pretty well known while Jerry was alive. Although they claimed that “Abraham” wrote the books, in fact, Jerry was always pushing her to complete them from recordings done at workshops. She resented it. After Jerry died, no more books. Anything you can trust? Yes, yourself and your own wisdom.
      2. Jerry started with Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” still considered a classic. This was before he met Esther. Then, he read the Seth Books, channeled by Jane Roberts. Abraham Hicks is considered by many as dumbed down Seth, that is, over simplified versions of what Jane Roberts channeled from Seth. It made A-H easier to sell because it was easier to understand. They also took a lot of ideas from Sheila Gillette who channels Theo. “Abraham” came to life, according to Esther and Jerry, soon after they had a session with Sheila. Esther’s presentation style started out as identical to Sheila’s, including a strong accent that she dropped later on. In my opinion, the most interesting and effective current channel is Paul Selig. I’ve read all of his books and found them helpful and enlightening. Start at the beginning, though, as the teachings are sequential.
      I should point out that I’ve never found anything in any of these writers that were as much trouble as Esther. Each is much kinder and less selfish.
      3. Well, she hasn’t collapsed and still has many faithful followers. Some of us who lost trust did so for personal reasons, catching her saying something way off base, something clearly wrong or cruel. Then, looking further, I’d find more. As an interesting result, people who knew Esther and Jerry closely got in touch to share their stories, some of which I couldn’t repeat because re-telling them would expose the person who shared in confidence to help me better understand. There were some who were badly hurt by Esther and especially Jerry, very coldly. He even told people, after delivering bad news, “Abraham told us you’d be okay with it.”
      Final thought. I think Esther’s popularity is and always was reliant on something she has in common with Donald Trump, who also gets away with gross contradictions and more than a little cruelty. They both are geniuses at reading their audiences and adjusting on the fly. They can change on a time to please their core fans, and the least discriminating fans stick with them. They know how to lead people who lack confidence in themselves.
      I’ve tried to answer your questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible. I hope it helps, and I wish you all the best along the road ahead.

  26. What a sad, closed minded, ignorant article. People, please do your own research. This person is a troll.

    • Yes, yes, do your own research, as I did. Open your eyes. And if you clicked to read this, you did so because you have doubts, and now, you’re challenged with facts, not hopes, wishes and promises. Run with it.

  27. I agree May. This person has zero real concept or experience with the law of attraction.

    • Same old, same old. Why can’t any of you cultists cite a single inaccuracy? Of course, the answer is obvious. You’re feverishly protecting your fragile belief system because it’s so insecure, you sought out and clicked on an obviously skeptical article. In your heart, you know it’s its false, but you can’t let go. Because if you did let go of the tether, you’d be left with just yourself and your own truth, which scares the hell out of you.

  28. Wow. Wow. Wow. I have so much to say!!! I found this blog and responses after doing a search on “is Esther Hicks still channeling Abraham”. I had no idea I would land here. I read the blog and found myself agreeing AND arguing with your analysis, David. And I thank you for that. We’re all entitled to our beliefs, but it’s through discourse and the welcoming of debate that clarification occurs.
    Just some background: Years ago, as I was seeking any resource on personal growth and parapsychology, I found and read most of the Seth Material. It started out ok for me, but eventually repelled me because there seemed to be a lot of ‘blame’ and judgment, and just held some far-out ideas that I ‘got’ in an extrapolated, philosophical sense, but that were difficult to apply to every day life, even though they were written (supposedly) for just that. But there was this ‘tone’ of ‘well, if you knew how, or you could, or you were SUCCESSFUL at it, you would have a joyful life, which is what you’re supposed to have” and of course the converse of that is that if you’re NOT experiencing success or joy, you’re probably ‘doing it wrong’. Anyway, I stopped reading the material and ended up tossing all of the books. Since I’ve always been interested in personal growth and development, my path has led me to a lot of resources, but I have learned how to discern what I deem trustworthy and not trustworthy.
    I believe the Law of Attraction is real. I just object to it almost always being touted to attract money and material ‘success’. Not always, but mostly. And interestingly, as I continued to find different material, I found that most of the channeled material I was finding was the Seth Material with different names. Not only did I recognize the ‘tone’ of the material, but the channels spoke with slight accents and there are certain phrases that they all use. “All That Is” is one of them. Abraham, The Council (Sara Landon), a book on quantum physics that for the life of me I cannot remember the name of, and other works that I won’t bother to list, but I ALWAYS recognize that ‘tone’. Of course The Secret is part of this too. The instant I listened to Abraham, (having been handed a taped lecture by a virtual stranger) I knew I was listening to Seth.
    What I have noticed is that if you read about the histories of many of these channels, there’s a similar quality of a desire for wealth, or a ‘lack’ of some sort. Sometimes it seems to border on a cult type of mentality— sometimes going from follower to cult leader. Jerry Hicks was BIG into Amway. Some of these channels were raised with very rigid religious backgrounds. Some were abused…there seems to be some ‘wounding’ that drives them to seek a higher plane. And I cannot blame them. Even Tony Robbins had an abusive mother. So after years of noticing and drawing parallels, and following my own intuition, which pushed me away from all of these sources, and as I followed my own path into my own ‘stuff’, I feel strongly that (and this is my OWN opinion based on my OWN experience and thoughts) that some of these channels (and people like Tony Robbins) might mean well, or start out meaning well, BUT! There is a shadow here. Some ‘unowned’ personal stuff (pain?) that is in the way and it’s actually quite narcissistic. Full blown narc doesn’t give a crap about anyone, but someone who MIGHT have some positive intention can still display narc tendencies via a ‘god complex’ and a drive to get rich or to fill a hole. Cult mentality is all about that– giving power away to someone (or ‘something’) and as the cult leader, getting accolades or adoration.
    Side note: some of these channels, as I’ve read about them, had some kind of addiction issues. Not always to substances. There was a ‘lack’ and a desire to belong or excel.
    Anyway, personally, I find channeled material highly questionable. Not that I don’t think it’s channeled, but “what” is coming through directly reflects the health- the mental and emotional health- of the channeler. Ever read Jane Roberts biography? Whoa. It takes a lot for channeled material to feel appropriate to me.
    You mention Theo. I have never read Theo and I will check the material out. I have, over YEARS, had three resources ‘prove’ themselves to me and remain true to being helpful, unique, and in most cases free or very low cost (which to me, adds to their positive intention and validity.)
    1. The Pathwork Lectures: (www.pathwork.org) Eva Pierrokos. The Pathwork Lectures are all free and available in multiple translations. Have you heard of them? Eva passed away but her husband, John, a psychotherapist, founded the Core Energetics Center in NYC which focuses on body centered psychotherapy. (he died years ago) The idea is that ‘the issues are in the tissues’ (I’m a massage therapist so this really speaks to me!) and he brought Eva’s channeled material to ‘right here, right now’. The ‘tone’ of the beings who channel this material doesn’t feel like the Seth/Abraham material to me, but can get very ‘heady’.
    2. Diana Muenz-Chen’s channeled material. Her book, “Channeling, the Art and the Heart” is excellent. She has focused on channeling Archangel Michael. Whether you believe it’s AAMichael or not is up to you, but the material is kind and useful and very high level. Diana founded the “Open Heart School” so there is a way that students can study with her, but she and AAMichael offer a LOT of free messages as well as free healings and when there is a ‘tuition’ for a lecture or a session, they’re often $20 or $30, something very reasonable.
    3. Anything by Barbara Brennan. I’ve studied the Brennan material. She founded a school of healing but her books are enough to really help someone get on track to owning their own ‘stuff’ and understanding from where it originates. She has SOME channeled material, but primarily, she is a physicist who had experiences with energy and healing that she brought to the world. Very transformative stuff.
    The above material has not triggered me in the way the Seth/Abraham material has. This is how I know it’s ‘right’ for me. I am NOT saying that Esther Hicks or Jane Roberts aren’t/weren’t genuine channels. I’m saying that I believe that when a channel has not truly addressed his/her own personal issues, then the entity they end up channeling has more or less taken advantage of the ‘holes’ or ‘lack’ the channel presents. And that yields questionable material. Even if much of the material seems ‘correct’, there’s a tone or a quality that just doesn’t ring true. WHEN is kicking a cat ever CORRECT? And I do NOT think a person’s disease or pathology is so easily explained by intimating that ‘well, they just didn’t believe enough, or didn’t manifest correctly, or didn’t ‘get it’ in some way’. I mean…when I read Jane Robert’s story, I couldn’t believe that a person who had all the secrets was in so much pain prior to her death…and DIED. Same as what you wrote about Jerry.
    Bottom line (and here is the agreement/disagreement with you). I DO believe Esther and these other people are channels. But, like you, I think the message is often wrong, or skewed or outright a product of these peoples’ OWN stuff. And there is “something” about Seth/Abraham/TheCouncil/The Secret…(and whoever else) that just keeps people down- contributes to them feeling like victims or judged or that they’re faulty for not ‘doing it right’. That is very controlling. It’s NOT sympathetic, empathetic, or kind. It has little to do with spiritual growth and more to do with manipulation. It has a LOT to do with ‘ego’ on the part of the channel. Most of these people have gotten pretty rich from giving ‘advice’ from spirit and in so many cases, it’s clear that they ‘lacked’ in their backgrounds and perhaps desperation opened them up to that cult type energy? I don’t know. That doesn’t seem very spiritual. I totally understand making a living, but some of this is outrageous. If this is information for the betterment of humanity and personal growth, then it doesn’t make sense to capitalize on it to this degree.
    Thank you for posting your thoughts and observations and creating a forum for discussion. I am all about personal growth. I believe that spiritual beings can be channeled. I believe in Free Will. I also believe that the Seth/Abraham et al energy isn’t a great one…there is a lot of fascinating and arguably helpful information that this energy offers, but there is (to me) a negative intention. For what, I don’t know– control? Who knows. What I know is that I was turned off by it, I recognize it when it appears, and I trust my intuition to steer clear of it. There’s a lot of great information out there that can help any of us navigate our very deep personal feelings and pain and joy and wounds. So many of us want to grow and figure out how to navigate this crazy train we’re on in life. Anything that feels judgmental or contradictory is an indication that our intuition is spot on and we can step away from it. We know best for ourselves and THAT is the energy we need to pay attention to and NOT get into a cult situation! No one is worthy of that type of following.
    No Kool-aid drinker here…
    Thanks David,

    • Thank you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking summary. And no, I was not aware of any of the three sources you mentioned, but as you seem to understand and as Wayne Dyer always used to say, “When the student is ready, the teacher comes.” There are a lot of teachers, and it can be very personal as far who clicks and who doesn’t.
      Best wishes for your carrying on with your exciting journey.

  29. its not about trusting anyone you have to love yourself then you will get it its simple and it start there your article is simply put a few negative words to provoke what your feeling about the world you are what you write about the trust issues are simply your own stay well and keep your writings positive it will be of more use to you kind regards
    source energy

  30. Hi David, I could only read the first 5 points of your article. I’m not very good with technology I’m afraid and couldn’t figure out how to load the others! I would really appreciate it if you could email them to me. I started listening to Esther about 8 years ago and found her very interesting and comforting. I was recently having a hard time so I started listening again on Spotify. I searched for a differing opinion to Esther as I feel some of the things she says are a bit…I don’t know how to phrase it…a bit off. I’ve just split up with someone I really loved and I feel betrayed by their behaviour. To just think of something else and dismiss my feelings and ‘clean up my vibration’ seems like I would not be dealing with what happened in a healthy way. Esther does talk about negative emotion being a good way to show you you’re not where you want to be and to use it to get back on track. I don’t think that wallowing in anger and resentment for long periods is good for you but I do think you should allow yourself to really feel these things. Anyway I know the point of your article (based on the first 5 points I read!) was to point out some of the ways that Esther may not be the best person to listen to in times of hardship. I think she has some good points but some of the advice is very questionable if not dangerous. The child kicking the cat is absolutely disgusting. I would not allow animal cruelty in my presence. Disgraceful. I would appreciate it if you didn’t publish my comment. I just wanted to share my little ramble with you and obtain the rest of the article if that’s ok? If this posts automatically then it’s ok. I’m assuming you vet them first. Many thanks, Ellie.

    • Hi, Ellie. Thanks.
      If you continue scrolling down just a little farther, you will see links to all four pages in this article. Just click 2 or 3 or 4, and you’ll go to the rest of the story. It’s long; so, I broke it up into pages so that it loads faster over the internet.
      Also, from the table of contents at the beginning of the article, you can get to any location just by clicking the link.
      Thanks, again, and I hope this was helpful. Let me know.

  31. This article simply shows you do not understand the concepts and you reek of incompetence as you wrote about subjects you do NOT understand. Your first ‘reason’ was already nonsense.

    • Gosh, never heard that one before. And in such detail. But as I’m sure you’re aware, you’d never have clicked on this article, if you didn’t already have doubt, and you wouldn’t react so defensively and emotionally if it hadn’t struck a chord.
      Keep reading, Colin. You’re on your way out.

  32. Dude you’re totally twisting all this around and putting it in such a negative light. I don’t call that enlightened, I’d call that unhappy. I feel sorry for you.

    • Well, that’s nice of you, but could you come up with even one example of something twisted? Personalizing objective fact as a way of shooting the messenger isn’t really effective. Maybe you could try thinking.

  33. Ashleigh hits the nail on the head. Troll of the highest order. Hope you find happiness and meaning in your life instead of just spreading negativity and hate.

    • Yes, Travis, I agree. Ashleigh is a genius. Her deft arguments and objective reasoning are deeply impressive. But I have trouble with one little point. If I’m as unhappy and inclined to spreading negativity and hate, what difference does that make? While I can let your failure to what a troll is, of any order — sorry. didn’t know trolls had orders — I’m still puzzled at how you, Ashleigh, et al are unable to deal with a single fact. You know, blaming the messenger is a tactic so old it has whiskers. How about being big boys and girls and responding to the message? It’s not hard. Grownups have conversations with differing points of view all the time. They learn from what others have to say. But when you say nothing, it’s a little hard to make anything of it.
      One good thing is, you’re troubled enough by being in this cult that you clicked on an obvious skeptical point of view. That’s like a Christian reading about atheism and has similar impact. You’re on your way out, and this is a signpost on the way. Keep going. You can do it.

  34. You can believe that you descended from a monkey…and I imagine YOU were. I know however that I serve an amazing God who created me and I’m an eternal soul having a temporary physical existence.

    • So, there you see the problem where one person’s hopeful beliefs are clung to in spite of what we know are facts. Delusion takes over as reality is pushed aside, but you can’t really know yourself through evasion.
      Look at it this way, Pamela. Your parents had sex, and that resulted in a embryo that became you. That’s not an amazing God hand-carving out a person; it’s nature. And if you can still think straight, take that back through your grandparents and their grandparents and so on. Eventually, like it or not, you get back to Africa and a chimpanzee lineage and before that, if you go far enough, slime on the ocean floor. Whether influenced by a god or evolutionary accident, we now know the outlines of that story. Denying well-established facts doesn’t make you better than anyone else, as you hope, it just makes you disconnected from the reality through which you came into being. And the deep-seated Puritanism, that is discounting your physical self in favor of some wholly separate eternal soul, discloses the reason. You’re uncomfortable with yourself and adopting religious principles to make it look nice. It isn’t.

  35. You may think you know that but you can’t. It’s been established by neuroscientists that the kind of certainty you claim to possess is NOT the product of reason but an emotion created in the most primitive part of
    our brain.
    Your comment clearly is “religious” in its tone and religious beliefs are matters of faith, which is complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
    You might ask yourself if you’ve ever been completely certain of something only to find out you were wrong.
    I don’t deride your faith, I envy it. One must have a certain degree of courage to stake his or her life on it (as martyrs like Sir Thomas Moore or Joan of Arc did) but it is a feeling
    that is not altogether infallible. There are hundreds of millions of Hindus who believe in thousands of deities with a conviction as strong as your own.

  36. “Negativity and hate” are relative terms and both are not merely useful on occasion but essential.
    There have been numerous derogatory articles written about Bernie Madoff, some seething in their contempt for the man. Should those writers, some award winning journalists, toss bouquets and sloppy kisses at Madoff?
    Then, too, upon what grounds do you assume a life of happiness and meaning cannot be lived by a person who
    had a philosophy of negativity and hate?
    Bertrand Russell clearly had a very negative attitude about Christianity and doubtless loathed those who used religion to victimize the gullible and yet as a great mathematician he doubtless lived a life of meaning. More importantly,
    while he would likely be considered hateful and negative by you he went from an unhappy child who, through luck, talent, and hard work in equal measure, managed to become not only famous but also, in his own evaluation, a happy man.

  37. lol I could right a book on why to not trust this shit and Abraham would help me FFS. Anyway, that being said lol have you ever watched the video she did with the man in the seat who wore a ball cap covering his face? He wasn’t a fan of Ester either. The last thing I give an f about is what she’s doing but I want to know if that man was sincere or a part of her act. At this point I killed the cat, the witch is dead and I want to know if that man has a heart yet.

  38. I knew from the first item on the list that you’ve never really read or understood Hicks’ teachings. Literally nothing is a “direct contradiction” to Abraham’s teachings. Abraham would never instruct someone to either opt for or not opt for medical care. Abraham does not teach “controlling your vibration” to control your life. Abraham teaches how to feel for your own intuition and guidance. Period. That Truth, enlightenment, satisfaction, success and correct choices can come in as many different forms as there are people who have ever existed and will ever exist.

    • You appear to be referring to an Abraham other than the one mouthed by Esther Hicks. These are direct quotations from her and actually circulated in her email blasts. Drink a glass of water, breathe deeply, then acquaint yourself with the facts before commenting. It just helps when you’re actually connected with reality.
      Thanks, though.


    • Tessa, pause for just a moment. Now, imagine a universe where there is the slightest possibility that your advice is of any value to anyone… Frightening but also nearly impossible.

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