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Greenland Proves Trump’s A Loon


Greenland proves Trump’s a loon as the president tops himself in crazy. At least, he’s not alone. the New York Times stands ready to give him cover. And so does pandering economic advisor Larry Kudlow.

Greenland Proves Trump's A Loon
Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

Already well-established as a Trump Tool with its “but her emails” coverage of 2016 presidential campaign, the New York Times assigned Katie Rogers to write an article. Eyeing Greenland, Trump Again Mixes Real Estate With Diplomacy, for all intents, absolves Trump of the general wackiness.

Count on the Times to milk link bait for all it’s worth, harvesting the Trump Bump like sucking maple sap straight from the tree.

Shared enemies: New York Times Wants You To Hate Amazon

Greenland is 836,330 square miles, including a handful of off-shore islands, and three-quarters of that is covered in ice. One-third of its 56,000 people live in Nuuk, the capital.

Trump’s a nut. I bet he couldn’t tell you even one of those statistics without prompting by the handful of toadies still left to promote white supremacy in the White House.

Does Trump know that Greenlanders are not white? They’re inuits, native Indians. Indications are they want nothing to do with the Loon in Chief’s hallucinations.

Anna Kûitse Kúko, 63 and a lifelong resident of Greenland, told NBC News, islanders take the idea “as a sick joke by a crazy president.”

And they aren’t exposed to the Trump Mental Meltdown every day.

Greenland Proves Trumps A Loon: Change the Story

There’s a fair chance that Trump supporters enabled the Greenland Proves Trump’s A Loon material to distract from a beating America’s worst president of all time took all week.

Trump’s white supremacist agenda and misogynist rants highlighted the week after faux POTUS disgraced the nation by posing with an infant orphaned in the El Paso massacre.

Mr. and Mrs. Trump stood there, Melania holding the baby like a trophy, lit up in what we used to call shit-eating grins. The pres added emphasis with his automatic thumbs up sign.

What in hell were they thinking?

Actually, not thinking is more to the point.

Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, appeared on credulous Fox News.

“It’s an interesting story,” he said. “It’s developing. We’re looking at it. We don’t know.”

We don’t know is probably true. It’s an interesting story, translated: “Ha, we got your attention!” is too.

But “developing?” No, it isn’t.

No one takes this seriously as anything other than link bait yanking a gullible public away from Trump’s wreckage to put cheeks, yours and mine, in seats to gratify hungry advertisers.


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