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Who Is Abraham Hicks Now? A Skeptical Look at the Woman Behind the Law of Attraction


Abraham Hicks has become one of the most widely known advocates of the Law of Attraction, a spiritual philosophy that suggests that people can manifest their desires through positive thinking and visualization. Many people claim to have transformed their lives through the teachings of Abraham, but who is Abraham Hicks, really?

by David Stone

Esther Hicks was born on March 5, 1948, in Coalville, Utah. She married her husband, Jerry Hicks, in 1980 and began working as a spiritual counselor. Before that, Jerry struggled at selling Amway in a pyramid scheme.

And Esther was married to Richard Hicks and had a daughter with him. The marriage ended after Richard discovered Esther’s car in a motel parking lot.

Who Is Abraham Hicks, Though?

In 1985, Esther claims that she started receiving messages from a group of spiritual entities that she collectively called “Abraham.” These messages were relayed through Esther’s mouth as if she were a channel for the entities, with a strange accent.

She later dropped the accent and said instead that Abraham dropped “blocks of thought” in her head. When she spoke, she was simply interpreting them.

This happened after she and Jerry read Jane Roberts’s channeled Seth Material. The couple also sat through a live channeling session with Shiela Gillette who channels a spirit named Theo.

The teachings of Abraham have become popular. Many followers attend organized workshops to listen to Esther speak while channeling Abraham.

The Basis: The Law of Attraction

Abraham’s teachings emanate from the Law of Attraction, which posits that people attract their desires through thought. However, skeptics criticized the Law of Attraction, saying that it lacks empirical evidence and is not backed by science.

Is it all about the money or just some of it?

And amid a documented flurry of contradictions, there was this: Esther, speaking as Abraham insists that all deaths are suicides. Challenged, she said that all 3,000 people who died in the World Trade Center attack were – I kid you not – suicides. “It is law!” she thundered.

Esther also faced controversy in recent years, with some critics accusing her of being a fraud.

In 2011, Esther and Jerry got involved in a controversy surrounding a documentary film titled The Secret, which promoted the Law of Attraction.

The filmmakers cut scenes featuring Esther after, they say, she demanded more money for her appearance in the film. This led to accusations that Esther’s motivations were more financial than spiritual.

On the Upside

Even so, many people say that the teachings of Abraham have changed their lives for the better. Followers of Abraham say they have manifested their desires through the Law of Attraction teachings.

They attracted abundance, healed from illness or found love. Others take comfort in being guided by spiritual entities, which they believe protects and supports them during challenging times.

It is undeniable that the teachings of Abraham have gained a significant following in recent years. While some question the validity of these teachings, there are many people who believe that they have transformed their lives.

Ultimately, knowing who is Abraham and understanding the Law of Attraction is a personal pursuit, and each individual chooses his or her own path.


In conclusion, the question of “Who Is Abraham Hicks Now?” is a complex and controversial one. While some people have found great success and inspiration through the teachings of Abraham, others are skeptical of their validity.

Regardless of personal beliefs, Esther Hicks has had a significant impact on the spiritual community, and her legacy as the channel for the messages of Abraham will be discussed and debated for years to come.

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