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Abraham Hicks for Beginners: Uncover the Truth


Have you heard of Abraham Hicks? They’ve gained quite a following in recent years, with books, seminars, and podcasts promoting their teachings. But is Abraham Hicks for beginners worth your time?

For those unfamiliar, Abraham Hicks is a spiritual entity that advises people on how to achieve success, happiness, and abundance through the Law of Attraction. On the surface, it sounds intriguing, but is it truly worth the investment of your time and energy? As a skeptic, I dove in to discover more.

by David Stone

Abraham Hicks for Beginners

First and foremost, acknowledge the positive aspects of Abraham Hicks. They promote creating a positive mindset, finding joy in the present moment and manifesting your desires.

These are all great attitudes when pursuing personal growth. However, what concerns me is the simplistic and sometimes unrealistic nature of their teachings.

Getting in is easy; getting out, not so much…

The Law of Attraction – which Abraham Hicks falsely claims as its own – suggests that thoughts and emotions actively manipulate the universe to bring about what we want. While this can be an empowering belief system, it is not rooted in scientific fact and can lead to a dangerous victim-blaming mindset.

Additionally, some followers of Abraham Hicks use their teachings to justify selfish behavior, exploitation and ignoring their own privilege.

For example, it’s easy to tell someone who’s struggling to “just be positive” or “attract abundance.” It’s a privileged view that doesn’t take into consideration the systemic barriers and oppression that many people face.

Other considerations

Abraham Hicks can also promote a sense of elitism amongst followers, suggesting that those who don’t follow their teachings are simply not enlightened enough to understand.

Moreover, some speculate that Abraham Hicks is simply a money-making scheme designed to take advantage of vulnerable individuals.

While I cannot confirm or deny these claims, it’s important to be mindful of how much money you’re spending on self-help materials and seminars, especially if they’re not improving your life in tangible ways.

Finally, Abraham Hicks has been the subject of controversy due to the continued involvement of Jerry Hicks, who passed away in 2011. Jerry was Esther Hicks’ husband and business partner. Some believe that, for all practical purposes, Jerry was Abraham.

In fact, all the original writing ended abruptly when he died.

While this may not affect the quality of the teachings, be aware of any controversies surrounding the organization you are investing your time and money in.


As with any spiritual or self-help organization, it’s essential to approach Abraham Hicks with a critical eye. While some of their teachings can be useful for promoting positivity and personal growth, systemic barriers and oppression that may prevent certain individuals from achieving their desires.

It’s also important to be mindful of how much money you’re spending on these teachings, as they may not provide substantial improvement to your life.

In conclusion, it’s up to you to decide if Abraham Hicks is worth your time and energy, but remember to always be cautious, critical and grounded in reality.

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