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A Cat Brings Flowers, But Keeps Her Secrets Private


By David Stone

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Cats are natural eccentrics, smarter than you think, and figuring them out may be hopeless. They reject the idea and prefer mystery.

Those of us who’ve become fascinated by the wonderfully unpredictable but ultimately generous, friendly things some cats do can still be surprised by exquisite acts of neighborly kindness.

The whole neighborhood knew Willow’s drill. She would come up to their houses, meow incessantly and would only stop when they opened their glass doors and let her in.

A cat brings flowers…

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So when Rosie, a new neighbor, moved into the neighborhood, Willow didn’t pass up the chance to sleep at Rosie’s new home. Unaware of Willow’s friendly intentions, Rosie was shocked to see the cat sound asleep at her hallway.

When spring came, Rosie noticed pink flowers all over her garden. She initially thought that the wind had blown them in. But the amount and frequency of the flowers landing in her garden started getting pretty peculiar.

Willow was a good neighbor who loved to visit, but with one new neighbor, she took it a giant step farther…

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