Looking for Roosevelt Island’s Most Caring Cat Sitter?

Looking for Roosevelt Island’s Most Caring Cat Sitter?

Deborah Julian has been Roosevelt Island’s most caring cat sitter for over a decade. With years of experience and the references to go with it, she’s ready for the individual needs of cats and their guardians.

You can reach Deborah Julian, Roosevelt Island’s best cat sitter, at (646) 262-6670 or email DeborahJulian@me.com

Cats and the people with whom they share their lives are all different. Some like to play. Some like to cuddle. Some prefer being left alone, and others only want their food.

Anyone can scoop a litter box and put food in a bowl, but only the most caring cat sitters take time to know your cat and you. For that reason, Deborah offers daily updates (if you want them), including photographs, in texts or email.

Her goal is that, as far as cats are concerned, when you come home, it’s as if you’ve only been away for a few hours. Cats are relaxed, litter boxes are cleaned and your home is just as you left it.

She is also able to give most medications, as needed.


  • Minimum one visit per day
  • Authorization with Concierge, if appropriate
  • Your email and or cellphone number
  • Name of your vet
  • Discounts for longer assignments
Roosevelt Island's Caring Cat Sitter

You can reach Deborah at (646) 262-6670 or email DeborahJulian@me.com