Is Riding the Subway in NYC Safe?


If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know the subway can be a bit of a wild ride – literally. With so many people coming and going each day, it’s inevitable that some will cause trouble. So, is riding the subway in NYC safe? Let’s take a closer look at the facts.

by David Stone

NYC Subway Security Measures

The New York City Transit Authority has taken several steps to ensure safety on its subways.

For starters, they installed an extensive camera system throughout all their stations and cars. This helps them to monitor activity and quickly respond to any suspicious behavior or criminal activity that may occur. And it’s expanding.

Plainclothes officers blend in with the crowd and observe what’s going on without being intrusive. These officers are trained and able to identify potential threats before they become serious problems.

Lastly, the NYPD conducts regular patrols of subway stations and cars during peak hours.

Crime Statistics

Statistics for NYC show that crime on the subway is low compared to other forms of transportation in the city. While current stats are mixed, the overall crime rate has been decreasing over the past decade.

That said, there are still occasional reports of assaults or robberies on trains or in stations, but these incidents remain statistically rare. Mainstream media’s obsession with the most frightening happenings skews public misperceptions of relative safety.

Safety Tips

Staying safe while riding the NYC subway requires awareness of your surroundings but not an obsession. People-watching is one of New York’s joys. Don’t get so hung up on fear that you miss it.

It’s also helpful to travel with a buddy and avoid wearing expensive jewelry or visibly carrying cash.

Finally, if you ever do find yourself in danger while riding the subway, contact an MTA worker immediately for help—they can assist you. But Mayor Eric Adams has more uniformed cops on platforms these days, and often, they’re immediately available too.


Ultimately, riding the subway in New York City is safe. Due diligence helps both passengers and authorities alike, but that doesn’t mean being constantly on guard. Relax, be aware but also enjoy the ride. It’s fast and safe.

By following basic safety tips like staying aware of your surroundings and trusting your instincts if something doesn’t feel right, you should have no problem getting around safely via public transportation when visiting NYC.

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