Shame on Mayor Adams, the MTA and NYPD – Subways Unmasked

Shame on Mayor Adams, the MTA and NYPD – Subways Unmasked

So, you thought Bill de Blasio was goofy? With more bluster and little or no actual affect, Mayor Eric Adams may soon pass de Blasio’s worst. How can he keep crime out of the subways if his NYPD troops can’t even get people to wear face masks? As infections soar, big talk doesn’t even rise to the level of political hot air as New Yorkers are routinely exposed to COVID in mask-free, crowded subway cars.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Passengers protecting themselves and their neighbors with face masks were the exception yesterday on the Q Line. The mask mandate still stands, but it’s not supported by our boastful mayor, the absent NYPD or the lumbering MTA.

Shortly after I took this picture, a woman reproached me. “You don’t have to wear masks on the subways anymore,” she insisted.

“Yes, you do,” I said.

Masks are still required at indoor train stations and on board subways, commuter rail, buses, and paratransit vehicles. You do not have to wear a mask at outdoor train stations and platforms, or at bus stops. You must wear a mask once you board a train, bus or paratransit vehicle.

The MTA Website

“They took it off planes,” she argued.

After realizing that showing her that subway cars don’t have wings would not change her mind, I gradually realized that the lack of protection we deal with on subways is not entirely her fault.

Look around. Not a single sign in the car about face masks. Also not in the hectic Union Square Station. The mayor, the media and the MTA are silent, but infection rates are soaring. Safe to say, no one is doing anywhere near enough to protect us from the newest infection wave or the next one after.

The greater problem may be that Adams, like Governor Kathy Hochul, has bought into politics as marketing. Democrats are late to the game. Republicans have done this for decades.

But presenting an impressive package geared to what marketing says people like supplants actual substance in politics now. And like all marketing, what you’re actually doing may be completely different. It’s all about closing the sale.

It Can Be Done, If You Want It…

On small potatoes Roosevelt Island, Public Safety stepped up enforcement of face mask rules, and you can see the results.

The Roosevelt Island Tram, this week, with strict face mask enforcement. “No Mask. No Ride.” The community’s Red Buses are similar, and although not always this perfect, it never approaches the laxness on subways.

The ever bumbling MTA scratches its collective head, unable to figure out why ridership is not up, while you’re more likely to see a maskless city cop playing games on a cellphone than one even hinting at mask enforcement, is what defenseless riders are stuck with.

Cheerful cops. June, 2022. You can appreciate their smiles while you struggle to stay six feet away. What sort of example does this set?

Don’t be so hard on old Bill de Blasio. If he had a marketing team like Mayor Eric Adams has, he’d be president now, no tangible accomplishments needed.

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7 thoughts on “Shame on Mayor Adams, the MTA and NYPD – Subways Unmasked

  1. Before We Start Criticizing The Mayor , We Should Clean Our Own House First! Every Morning On My Way To Work As I Force My Way Through At Least 20 Pigeons And Years Of Their Dried Up Poop Towards ” MOTORGATE GARAGE” , Words Alone Will Not Be Enough To Describe How Dirty & Dusty That Area Is ! It Has Been Years Since I Have Seen A ” RIOC” Employee Or A ” MOTORGATE ” Employee Take A Broom And A Water Hose And Wash Off The Side Walks Near ” MOTORGATE” Not To Mention The Horrible Condition & Holes On The Road On Our Beloved ” ROOSEVELT ISLAND BRIDGE” !!!! It Is Very Easy To Criticize Others But Before You Do, Make Sure Your House Is Clean First !!!! Plus, Do A Follow-Up To Make Sure The Clean Up Is 100%

    1. What’s with all the capitals? Your comment, although on point, is irrelevant to the article. RIOC does a routine poor job at almost everything, and we, along with others, have covered the negligence extensively. It used to make a difference with previous administrations, but not this one. Hochul’s got them under her protection.

      That said, Adams has been negligent on many fronts while boastful 24X7. Modern politicians seem to think it’s all about marketing, not performance or governing. We’re drowning in it in New York.

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