What You Can Expect After You’ve Given Birth

What You Can Expect After You’ve Given Birth


Preparing to have a baby is an in-depth process mentally, physically, and emotionally. From nursery prep, laundry, and squeezing in last-minute plans, you might forget to prepare for your postpartum experience. Here, we discuss what you can expect after you’ve given birth to help you prepare for this life-changing transition.

Discomfort From the Birth Area

Whether you give birth vaginally or via C-section, there will be discomfort associated with the area. And regardless of the delivery method, you will have to wear feminine care products after birth to manage postpartum discharge, known as lochia.

From the pain and discomfort of birth to the release of lochia, you can expect to feel uncomfortable for a few weeks. This phase will pass, you will eventually no longer be in pain, and the lochia does stop. Practice patience as you navigate this process.

Newborn Feeding Challenges

There are multiple ways to feed your newborn, falling either into breastfeeding or formula categories. The challenges associated with formula feeding include the cost and finding the right formula for your baby’s needs.

With breastfeeding, you may experience a round of challenges, from producing milk to experiencing nipple pain. There are many supplies to soothe breastfeeding discomfort, and partnering with a lactation consultant can also be a great help for all breastfeeding issues.

Tackling Visitor Boundaries

Near the end of pregnancy, the flood of inquiring minds and people requesting to see your newborn can get very overwhelming. Consider this the ideal window to set boundaries on what you’re willing and unwilling to do after you’ve given birth.

Taking on visitors during those uncomfortable and challenging first weeks is typically not ideal for new moms. To help yourself, your new baby, and your home, set clear boundaries on times and weeks you’re willing and able to see people. And don’t bend the rules to accommodate someone other than yourself.

Issues Surrounding Sleep

The drama surrounding newborn sleep is consuming. From day one, some infants do sleep through the night and some don’t sleep. There are many variables to consider when approaching your newborn’s sleep, but it’s vital to trust your gut and do what works best for your entire family.

There may be sleepless nights or early morning awakenings, but find a way to prioritize everyone’s sleep and drown out all potential incoming drama or opinions. Your recovery depends on your ability to rest, so don’t be afraid to nap when the baby naps or hire a postpartum doula.

These are typical things you can expect after you’ve given birth, but there will also be other challenges in your journey. Remember to take things one day at a time, don’t be shy about requesting help, and get ready for the beautiful experience you’re about to embark on.

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