Now That the Mask Mandate Ends PSD Can Take a Bow

Now That the Mask Mandate Ends PSD Can Take a Bow

The mask mandate ends as Governor Hochul made its removal effective “immediately.” But because of lax enforcement, it was already over weeks ago in many places. Only RIOC’s Public Safety Department continued protecting the community throughout. Some expressed hope that the effort continues.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

“Will they all keep masks on hand if only ‘optional?'” one resident wondered.

Typically, although they bulked up their executive staff with a new $140K communications leader, RIOC released not a word about the change. And as of the late afternoon, the big sign outside the Tram Plaza still suggested mask wearing at all times.

That’s not a surprise because bunkered President/CEO Shelton J. Haynes has displayed his impressive invisibility act on the topic since taking office.


But as the Mask Mandate Ends, PSD Deserves a Round of Applause

On Trams and Red Buses, Public Safety Officers along with Operators and Drivers have enforced the mandate. They handed out countless free face masks to clueless tourists and selfish bastards alike.

A Public Safety Officer greets maskless riders at the Tram door, a supply of face coverings in his hand.

Compare PSD’s due diligence with the embarrassing performance of NYPD officers not only failing to enforce the mandate at all or even comply with it. Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams talked big about it but did nothing to get the cops on the same page. For them, it was all PR and no action.

As the mask mandate ends, thank Chief Kevin Brown for setting an example. His department helped countless riders from getting sick, maybe even from dying.

We are grateful.

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