Update: Rock Star Binky Phillips

Update: Rock Star Binky Phillips

My friend, rock star Binky Phillips, arrived late at the top, but he’s there. International recognition is pouring in.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Binky Phillips carries himself with a massive load of humble, but it’s getting harder to maintain.

And getting harder.

“About 2 weeks ago, Binky Philips & The Planets (our official new name due to the fact that there are about 30 other acts called The Planets on Spotify) released a three song EP called The Hard Stuff. Three aggressive uptempo tracks,” Binky said in an email.

The Hard Stuff EP Cover/Artwork by Tony Vita

“We brought in a ringer, our friend, Paul Gifford,” he continued, “to help us with the harmony vocals. Well, ‘help’ isn’t accurate, really. Paul did the harmony vocals on all three tracks, just as he did on our 2019 album Established 1972 NYC.

“Other than Paul, all the music and singing is by The Planets. Our producer, JZ Barrell, captured the tone of all the vintage electric guitars I used on these recordings. We have more music coming on 2020, so please check out this first batch.

“So far, the reaction has been extremely positive,” wraps up the latest word from our rock star friend, Binky Phillips.

Listen: The Hard Stuff

The Hard Stuff on YouTube. Give a listen.

Earlier, we reported on the band’s song Splitsville or Bust reaching the rock news stratosphere in Rolling Stone. But before that article withered into the powdered dust where blogs go to die, more huzzahs arrive.

“I’m not so much bragging and boasting as I am just sharing my hard-earned joy,” Phillips emailed his friends and fans.

After decades of forming and reforming bands, playing rock guitar, writing tunes and a book about it all, the spotlight finally turned.

On the heels of Rolling Stone’s notice came an article by the “legendary Kris Needs” in Classic Rock, one of the top three rock rags in the world.

Needs calls The Planet’s new album a “gloriously noisy, musical-gentrification defying explosion, drenched with lost New York spirit…”

Recognition Avalanche for Rock Star Binky Phillips and the Planets

Soon Ramp and Rock and Roll Globe weighed in with rave reviews.

Rock experts, who know Binky Phillips since he crashed the CBGB scene in the 70s, are thrilled he’s getting the notice he deserves.

Phillips is humble about leading The Planets. The band’s name appeared umpteen times on others’ records. Binky Phillips makes this one different.

Still, he’s the writer of the often funny and nearly always head-banging hits on Established 1972 NYC.

Here’s a treat — you can hear Splitsville or Bust on YouTube.

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