Stealing my ideas? Bad, but when it’s Republicans, yeck!

Stealing my ideas in a whirl of open exchange is an offense I got used to. It started early and was all Democrats. But then,

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New RIOC Complaint Filed with the State Inspector General

The complaint filed with the New York state’s Inspector General charges gross misconduct in efforts aimed at firing Susan Rosenthal. by David Stone The Roosevelt

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How Shelton Haynes And Friends Took Control of RIOC

Shelton Haynes and friends got control of RIOC in the shadow of Governor Cuomo’s racist stunt, firing President/CEO Susan Rosenthal. How did that happen in

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A Spineless RIOC Board Now Ducking and Dodging Subpoenas

Against all odds, a spineless RIOC board actually enhanced their status as an invertebrate clan, slumping and slouching, like mollusks fleeing hungry salamanders. But the

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