MTA Hypocrites on Main Street, Roosevelt Island

MTA Hypocrites on Main Street, Roosevelt Island

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) manages mass transit in the New York City metropolitan area. Its mission is promoting subways, buses etc., striving to keep cars from clogging up the streets, but they’re hypocrites.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Hypocrisy: the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform.

Finishing off work on Midtown Access, the MTA removed ugly fencing, but instead of returning the space to its original condition, they paved the space no longer in use.

Directly across from its own subway station, the MTA created an unsightly new parking lot, discouraging its own people from using mass transit.
14 cars filled the lot today.

One advantage, of course, is that it partially masks the disgusting portable toilets left out in the open and the green fencing of the trash drop-off for Riverwalk Commons.

This is what most visitors and Roosevelt Islanders look at when. arriving on Roosevelt Island.

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