Common Sense About Face Masks Now That the Mandate Is Over


One of the worst results of dealing with the COVID epidemic is face masks. How did a simple life-saving deed become political? Here on Roosevelt Island, a blogger who excels at copying and pasting others’ content hosts a reader who says, “the liberals on this island will never stop wearing their mask. I actually saw a man wearing his mask in his apartment. lol”

How low do you let your readers go?

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

For the rest of us, common sense and mutual consideration count. Mocking anyone else’s use of a face mask is ugly because, if for no other reason, it poses no threat to anyone else. And anyone’s free to make their own choices. Or they used to be. Now, they’re subject to ridicule.

About Face Masks

Guidance about face masks has been as fuzzy and inconclusive as the mandates have been firm. But now, with the last mandates lifted by Governor Kathy Hochul, personal choice is what we’ll rely on.

woman in white face mask
Face mask wearing still makes sense in some situations, even with the mandates gone./Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

Realistically, it’s what we’ve relied on for months because the rules in most places were never enforced. NYPD stood out for its negligence and defiance while Mayor Adams, as usual, defended them without limits. Hochul laid down the law, then moved on to her campaign for reelection.

Five Reasons to Wear a Face Mask, Even After You’re Vaccinated

The fact is that yesterday American health officials reported more than 66,000 COVID new cases, and 375 people died. Only 90 people die from car accidents on an average day.

Wearing seatbelts reduces car accident deaths, and almost everyone straps in. Wearing face masks reduces infections and deaths; so, why are some mocking people who take precautions? And given a platform without rebuttal…

The Local Effect

The vulnerable population – mostly seniors and disabled – on Roosevelt Island is high. All the firm mandates about face masks are over, but the guidance went to hell.

Hochul said that wearing face masks on mass transit is now encouraged, her encouragement was nil. And so, tagging along, was RIOC‘s. Both took sides with the selfish bastards who ignored the rules all along.

But you should not.

Respecting your neighbors means honoring their choices. It also means keeping a face mask handy for times when crowded rooms and buses risk exposure all around.

A community together respects everyone’s freedoms. Face masks are no longer mandatory, but mutual respect should be.


  1. Thank you, common sense seems to be out in this very serious matter, somebody quite senior removed her mask now “Let’s see what happens” she said. Believe in politicians encouragement; you will get far.

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