PSD Overcomes Leadership Failure with Tram  Crowding

PSD Overcomes Leadership Failure with Tram Crowding

Late on Sunday afternoon of a difficult mass transit weekend for Roosevelt Island, Public Safety officers were out in force. Not only were long lines at the 2nd Avenue Tram Plaza calmly controlled, so was face mask wearing inside the cabins. Sadly, we found, that was not the case for the whole day.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Long Lines Well-Controlled

With F Trains from Manhattan detoured around Roosevelt Island, demand for the Tram was high. Talking with others in line, we learned that many were unaware of the situation or even that MetroCards were needed.

RIOC never sent out a single public alert about likely Tram crowding or the subway shut downs. The out-of-towner in Blackwell House was about as alert as grizzly in winter.

Despite well-designed line management in late afternoon when we got on, it seems that RIOC was asleep at the wheel earlier. PSD hustled over only after long lines and packed cabins caused rider concerns and frustrations.

Unseen at the front of the line, a Public Safety officer controlled access to the Tram platform.
The end of the line reached 59th Street, but calmly as PSD kept it moving.

But the crowd control we saw at mid-afternoon was not what others reported early in the day on Twitter.

When we boarded a Tram cabin, close to 4:00, PSD was there, demanding 100% mask compliance even with the need to board fast and get out of the station.

When leadership at RIOC wakes up long enough to do the right thing, the staff follows through, but that is not the rule of thumb for most things involving Roosevelt Island and RIOC.

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