Good for Cherry Blossoms – Cooler Weather Ahead

Good for Cherry Blossoms – Cooler Weather Ahead

You may not be crazy about it, but cooler weather ahead is the best thing that can happen for cherry blossoms. Nutrients rise more slowly through the fruit trees’ arteries, slowing the pace of blooming. Tonight, the temperature falls into the wintry mid-20s, and it doesn’t get a lot better for days. That’s good.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

cherry blossoms
Cherry Blossoms at their peak along Roosevelt Island’s West Promenade.

Cool Weather for Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are one of the most beautiful sights in nature. They are delicate and fragrant, and their short season of blooming is a cherished time of year. While cherry blossoms can bloom in warm weather, they actually prefer cooler temperatures. The cool weather helps to prevent the flowers from wilting, and it also gives them a longer lifespan.

As a result, cherry blossoms that bloom in cool weather tend to be more vibrant and long-lasting. So if you’re hoping to see cherry blossoms at their best, plan your visit for a time when the weather is cool and crisp. You won’t be disappointed.

The Roosevelt Island sequence of cherry blossoms, already begun in mid-March favors the Island with frequent group blooming through April. And because cooler weather is hitting at just the perfect time, this years displays should be spectacular.

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