Cherry Blossoms First Wave Begins Crest on Roosevelt Island


Although cherry blossoms first bloom on Roosevelt Island in March, the most consuming wave of pink buds is an April affair. The swell of breathtaking beauty starts now and continues through the month.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Cherry Blossoms First Wave

New blossoms make their move toward maturity along Main Street. Depending on the weather, they will peak in about a week.

Designed more from chance than intention, Roosevelt Island’s long cherry blossom season began in mid-March but now is only reaching its prime. That includes a welcoming group outside the subway station and continues with a brilliant array on the West Promenade south of the Queensboro Bridge.

At the end of the month, the oldest copse of trees blossoms along the East River, aligned with Cornell Tech, also on the West Promenade.

A early patch of maturing blossoms welcomes admirers arriving by subway.

Although the weather is not forecast as the best today, that should not prevent the seasonal flock of visitors discovering and rediscovering Roosevelt Island. And tomorrow should be sunnier.

Expect crowded Tram cabins and busy F Trains, both of which plan normal operations, all weekend.

Maturing now in Riverwalk Commons, cherry blossoms pepper the grass carpet.

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