Tropical Storm Henri, Tale of Two Days for Roosevelt Island


Tropical Storm Henri swept into New England, too far east to stir strong winds on Roosevelt Island. But the rain… We got drenched for about 48 straight hours, but in the end, a symbol of hope arched across the horizon.

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

On Sunday, I had an errand to run in Astoria and was happy that the ferries were running normally. Well, not quite normally.

First time ever and, hopefully, the last, I had the NYC Ferry all to myself. Not once, but twice. © David Stone, Roosevelt Island Daily

Downpours kept most people home, leaving me with services from three hearty NYC Ferry employees, plus the pilot.

It was fairly dreary, but after the rains ended, promise signaled from across the East River.

Finally, on Monday, the clouds broke, and a rainbow rose above Long Island City. Photo courtesy of Rosanna Ceruzzi.

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