Have Roosevelt Island’s First Cherry Blossoms Opened? The Answer Now is “Yes!”

Have Roosevelt Island’s First Cherry Blossoms Opened? The Answer Now is “Yes!”

Roosevelt Island’s first cherry blossoms of the 2021 spring season have now opened. Two sets of trees are in bloom, and more will arrive in sequence.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island Daily News

After an early breakout, last week, a double row of cherry trees bordering the Cornell Tech campus fully opened. The school planted the rows alongside the East Promenade as part of its initial phase of construction.

Roosevelt Island's first cherry blossoms
The cherry trees on the east side of Cornell Tech are in their infancy, but their blossoms hint at a bright future.

Because the several varieties of cherry blossom in sequence, not all at once, the celebration is organic. As they defy an overcast sky, Roosevelt Island most mature early blossoms set the stage.

A mile north, a tradition of Roosevelt Island’s first cherry blossoms continues.

Although there will not be an official Cherry Blossom Festival for the second straight year, visitors will arrive in volume over the next several weeks.

Roosevelt Island welcomes visitors and eateries from the café @ Cornell Tech to fresh takeout at Foodtown are ready to serve.

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