Omicron/Delta Surge Is Passing. How Is Roosevelt Island Doing?

Omicron/Delta Surge Is Passing. How Is Roosevelt Island Doing?

The percentage of positive COVID test results in New York City dropped fast over the last several days, strongly suggesting the Omicron/Delta surge is passing. Roosevelt Island registers much better than average.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

City Council Member Julie Menin staffer Cameron Koffer handing out KN95 face masks, last week.

As of January 10th, when the city’s positive rate hit a high of 22.1%, Roosevelt Island was behind the curve at 20%. A relatively small difference, but when you look at neighborhood by neighborhood results, the community was among the lowest in the city. The Omicron/Delta surge jammed many others near the top.

Roosevelt Island’s high vaccinated rate of 91% – fully vaccinated, 81% – plays a role as does awareness created by the increased presence of PSD officers in Tram cabins and on buses. Where they were once a common cause for alarm, maskless passengers are now rare.

Perhaps the greatest impact came from elected officials, City Council Member Julie Menin and State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, pitching in mobile testing, KN95 face mask handouts and vaccine awareness. Both filled in where a characteristically absentee RIOC remained mostly asleep at the wheel.

While local statistics lag, New York State Department of Health reports show the city positivity rate plunging to 18% by the 12th. Roosevelt Island almost certainly followed that sharp downward trend.

A quick aside on vaccinations

Getting vaccinated is a personal choice, even though it affects everyone around you. But a glance at recent statistics is an eye-opener.

The most recent results from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene show a 7-day average of 189 COVID-19 cases among vaccinated people. Compare that with a stunning 757 among the unvaccinated. Not convincing enough? The comparison among those hospitalized is more dramatic: 25 unvaccinated to 3 vaccinated.

The message is clear: Get vaccinated. It’s good for you and, also, everyone around you.

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