Hustling, Julie Menin’s team delivers face masks in Good Shepherd Plaza

It was a hustle all the way. In office only four days, City Council Member Julie Menin got assurance of available KN95 face masks on Tuesday. After pulling together a distribution schedule and notifying the media, her team delivered the masks on time on Wednsday.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Thursday’s Face Mask Giveaway in Good Shepherd Plaza

Everything about the face mask giveaway was “just in time” with little to spare. Governments are not known for speed, quick turnarounds or hustle. That crossed my mind while waiting for Menin’s promised KN95 face masks to show up in Good Shepherd Plaza.

As late afternoon light faded, a small crowd waited, social distancing around holiday decorations. It was 4:30, the promised handout time, but there was no sign of Menin’s team. I emailed her office, attaching a photo. That was in vain though as staffer Cameron Koffman hustled in and began opening boxes by 4:32, better than average for an event, especially one so rushed.


A team member, expected to help, got stuck in traffic, and like a man with more arms than seems possible, Koffman handed out best quality face masks while simultaneously giving out driving directions on his cellphone. Remarkably, both went smoothly.

Community members kept filling the line and Koffman kept tearing open boxes until the last minute.

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