Spring for One Day, Roosevelt Island Weather Relief


Yesterday, it was spring for one day on Roosevelt Island as 60 degree weather brought strollers out on the promenades and on Main Street. The other half of topsy-turvy lands today.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Out and About

East Promenade, yesterday. The temperature was 61° at the time.

My goal, walking up the East Promenade was simple. The crabapple trees under the Roosevelt Island Bridge Helix are the first to blossom, beating out cherry blossoms by a week or so. I hoped I’d catch the first burst, but they weren’t close.

That still made a great reason for getting out for a walk – coatless – on our spring for one day. The walkways along the East River were filled with strollers, and a RIOC crew was busy with spring clean up.

After checking out the trees, I turned down Main Street and immediately met friends. Across from PS/IS 217, I talked with RIVAA President Tad Sudol and artist Ioan Popoiu. With pandemic restrictions pulling back, they’re opening this year’s Vernissage on March 5th.

Crossing Main Street, Nisi owner Kaie Razaghi told me what most Roosevelt Islanders already know – Main Street business has been terrible since the Omicron surge. But being ever resilient, Kaie’s planning a new menu in a few weeks, and we will bring it to you.

The best surprise was meeting the Roosevelt Islander blogger near Blackwell House. Before I discovered it, he spotted the awful handicapped un-access sign being removed. He’d already sent me a photo.

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Things change. And that includes the weather. Temperatures go in the wrong direction today, falling through the 40s and 50s, ending our spring for one day. After a cool, dry weekend, Monday brings a high in the 50s. By Wednesday, we see 60s again.

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