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Akeem Jamal Takes a Deep Dive Into The Shallows of Self-Love


Self-love, we’re told, is a good thing, appreciating ourselves instead of leaning on others for approval. But what if you push that self-love at those others, maybe bragging? Maybe just making things up? What if it’s just the shallowest preening?

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Akeem Jamal boldly strutted out last week on a website catering to personal self-promotions.

The venue was IdeaMensch, a website headquartered in Missoula, Montana.

IdeaMensch is an interview platform for entrepreneurs, makers, and doers. Our goal is to make it easy for entrepreneurs to get some publicity for their idea.

About IdeaMensch

But the trouble was, in the entire article, not a single original idea showed up. Apart from a couple of revelations and one WTF moment, it was about something else.

Assistant Vice President of Communications & Government Affairs at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Akeem Jamal.

How Deep Self-Love Inspires Akeem Jamal

IdeaMensch gets its job done by setting up softball interviews for people who, apparently, can’t get anything like this in any objective forum. The questions are all set up in a template, and all someone like Jamal needs to do is fill in the blanks.

No troubling questions of fact checks. Boost away!

The article kicks off with the dubious credentials Jamal claims for his time in Yonkers before being dispatched to Roosevelt Island. Why did a winner with such status and achievement float downhill to tiny Roosevelt Island?

Wasn’t asked. Didn’t say.

Reading about someone bragging about himself and his mastery of the universe is predictably dull and, in this case, devoid of original ideas. But one beauty stood out.

What’s one trend that excites you?

“The integration of AI and sustainability excites me. Leveraging technology to drive positive environmental and social impact is a responsibility we can’t ignore.”

This gobbledygook clears up some uncertainty. Previously, we suspected that many of the RIOC articles posted promoting, usually, Jamal’s boss, CEO Shelton J. (Mumbles) Haynes, were made ridiculous by poorly executed Artificial Intelligence.

This confirms it. Short on undisputed intelligence, they picked some from the sea of algorithms.

But Lookout Shelton Haynes. Watch Your Back. It May Be Leaking.

One remarkable thought spilled out amid the shower of self-love.

Tell us something you believe almost nobody agrees with you on?

“I believe that traditional hierarchies will become more fluid, enabling employees at all levels to contribute to strategic decisions. Empowerment doesn’t solely rest at the top.”


Was this cleared with the narcissist next door in Blackwell House? How many peacocks can strut around in that small space at the same time?

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