What Would You Do Right Now, If You Were God…?

What Would You Do Right Now, If You Were God…?

If You Were God… is a free chapter from Amazing: Truths About Conscious Awareness.

By David Stone

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If You Were God…

If you were God, what would you do? How would you create the world?

That question is more interesting than you think, since it assumes that the creating universe and God are separate things. As if, for example, He, She or It isn’t already doing whatever it is. Maybe just standing back and watching the play between carnival and carnage.

Opinion seems to be leaning toward the idea that we’re all One, all God, extensions of “Source,” and other formulations of the same expression.

With this, we shove aside the old, power-mad, life-giving and frequently pissed off God who guided with terror, love and myriad combinations between.

If I were God (and I’m not. Promise.), I’d take that as an insult.

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How would you like being put up as a deity who promotes brutality and warfare and one who relaxes quietly while children starve? A God indifferent to the intricately entwined balance between chaos and elegance of nature?

If you were God, would you take that setting down or would you fire off a thunderbolt of protest?

New Agers becalm themselves with a soothing “All is well” mantra, and, “The universe is perfect and evolving, just as it should.”

Is it? Is God shallow? Soothed by verbal soporifics?

It’s as simple as any conclusion we will ever reach that we are not God, even if there isn’t one. At best, we’re the bumbling output of tangled divine impulses.

Is God shallow enough to be soothed by verbal soporifics?

We need to get on the stick and stop fumbling around with questions about whether there’s meaning, truth or spiritual essence and do something about them.

If there’s a God, we’d better get used to Its being unknowable in fact and get on with trying to feel whatever It is in spirit.

Look at it this way: our galaxy, out on a spiral arm flung into infinity, is home to roughly a hundred billion suns. Give or take. Some of them are like ours. Some quite different. An incubator at the center of the Milky Way constantly gives birth to more suns as it maintains galactic cohesion.

There are other planets and dust and things we never see. Now, consider that we have solid evidence of many billions of other galaxies, in various configurations, strung out across the fourteen-billion year old universe we know.

So, pausing to consider these trillions of suns and planets, these sprays of interstellar dust, the mysteries of dark energy and dark matter, the tiny impulses of potential that seem to underlie all of it, the elements dancing together in new configurations, pausing here just for a moment–ask yourself honestly if you can really expect to describe any God capable of making up all of that?

Can you be that big?

Or would you have to shrink God down to your size, just to get into a comfort zone.

Oh, wait, isn’t that what we already do?

Most of us were stumped by high school math. Now, we’re going to grasp the advanced equations of astrophysics? Then, we’ll invent Zanzibar, too.

We can’t. But it’s okay. We don’t have to.

Feel that touch on your shoulder? Hear the soundless whisper? Know you’re connected. You’re not alone.

Listen and pay attention.

This is a free chapter from Amazing Truths About Conscious Awareness by David Stone

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