Tips To Improve Your Woodworking Workstation

Tips To Improve Your Woodworking Workstation


Your workpieces are only as good as your workstation. Make your space suitable for any woodworking project with our expert advice. Read these tips to improve your woodworking workstation and make the necessary changes today!

Add Material Stops to Your Workbench

Your workbench is a central location for all parts of your projects. It’s where you plan, execute, and finish workpieces. Enhance your workbench’s versatility with a few helpful woodworking bench upgrades—specifically material stops because they act as fencing around your bench. The adjustable material stops secure wood to the table as you make your cuts. This upgrade is beneficial for repeat or precise slices.

Consider an Extra Worktop

Traditional workstations include a bench with wall space. However, you can use a wall-mounted worktable for extra room. This extra space is ideal for complex workpieces, extra storage room, or if you need a place to keep project blueprints. The additional space enhances your operation and makes life easier!

Install a Wall-Mount Dust Collector

Efficient dust collection can make your space an enjoyable and safe place to work, especially if you share the space with other woodworkers. Some shops have large vacuums that collect shavings, but smaller operations don’t need big equipment. Therefore, you can benefit from a wall-mounted dust collector. The small machine vacuums debris without taking up floor space. Quickly clean surfaces or remove shavings from workpieces. This effective tool is a workstation must-have!

Install Cubbies on Walls

Improve your woodworking workstation with cubbies on nearby walls. Some projects require nails, hinges, hand screws, and small parts that you may easily lose inside toolboxes. Organize components inside cubbies and keep track of your items. You can label cubbies for quick access to each part or create an organization system that works for you. Either way, cubbies are helpful components of your operation.

Improve Lighting With LED Bulbs

Bad lighting can lead to accidents. Don’t risk injuries or the poor appearance of projects with inadequate illumination. Instead, use LED bulbs at your station. The bright bulbs offer optimal lighting without emitting heat. You can work on projects without working up a sweat!

Get an Ergonomic Mat

Woodworking is a time-consuming job, and you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet. Standing for long periods can lead to fatigue, a sore back, and overall discomfort. Place an ergonomic mat near your workstation to support your feet and legs. The soft mat promotes blood flow in your calves and leg muscles, which eases tension.

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