New York You Missed: Poster House Museum

New York You Missed: Poster House Museum

The Poster House Museum is a unique museum located in New York City. It is the first museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to posters.

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The museum’s exhibitions, events, and publications present a wide variety of posters, from vintage to modern designs.

About the Poster House Museum

The museum’s location is in the heart of Chelsea at 119 W. 23rd Street,New York, NY 10011. It houses an extensive collection of vintage posters, including French travel, museums, and international food & beverage posters.

This makes it a treasure trove for art and history enthusiasts who appreciate the visual storytelling and graphic design found in posters.

The history of posters is fascinating. The practice of posting up public notices can be traced back to antiquity, with one of the earliest known examples of printed advertising in Britain dating back to 1477.

The first paper poster appeared in 1482, made by Jean du Pré in France. The modern poster as we know it today was largely influenced by French artist Jules Cheret, often referred to as the father of the modern poster.

In the 1930s, color offset printing was introduced, revolutionizing poster design and production. Many of the posters from this era, especially larger sizes, were printed using this new process, giving them their distinctive, vibrant look.

Visitors to the Poster House can explore this rich history and more. They can immerse themselves in the world of posters, appreciating their evolution over time, their role in advertising and communication, and their artistic value.

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