Springing Into Action: Happening Now with Council Member Julie Menin

Springing Into Action: Happening Now with Council Member Julie Menin

For activist City Council Member Julie Menin, springing into action this month means addressing issues and inviting the community into the process. Three creative moves headline the season.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Saving Lives

Menin brings the Mamogram Bus to Good Shepherd Plaza on Saturday, April 1st. The tests are free, and you can schedule yours using the telephone number above.

Springing into Action on the Complaint That Never Goes Away

Getting creative…

Dog poop concerns go back to the founding of Roosevelt Island and before. In fact, the inspiration for the No Dogs policy still in force in several buildings was just that: Manhattan fought through the Pooper Scooper Wars, and the new community wanted none of that.

Now, Menin takes on the problem, developing a campaign aimed at putting constituents square in the middle. First up, a request for a slogan and graphic design to get out neighbors plugged in.

Participatory Budgeting

Not all City Council Members share the privilege of spending tax dollars set aside for their districts. But Julie Menin, like Ben Kallos before her, does. It’s democracy in action.

In short, Menin has $1 million to spend on community-based needs. A lot of worthy projects vied for the money, and once again, this year, Roosevelt Island has a finalist.

As PS/IS 217 mom Susan del Campo Perea reminds us, “It’s time again that all the persons that live in Roosevelt Island VOTE to win a lot of money $$$ to get restrooms at our school PS/IS 217 fixed!

Please just vote for our Island’s item, the proposal with the most votes wins the money. Vote online here. On the pull-down menu, pick District 5: Julie Menin.

The Roosevelt Island Branch of NYPL will be a voting site with paper forms if you prefer a paper vote.

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