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Heads Up – Street Closings Directly Affecting Roosevelt Island On Sunday


Because RIOC has limited itself to loopy advisories about “delays” during something they call the “NYC Five Bike Tour,” we are stepping in, alerting Roosevelt Islanders that street closing will seriously restrict access traffic to and from Roosevelt Island on Sunday.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The TD Five Boro Bike Tour takes 30,000 riders along an exciting route from Staten Island to Manhattan. But as part of that excitement, lots of streets will close, and that impacts Roosevelt Island directly.

While RIOC’s careless advisory cites “…intermittent traffic on the Roosevelt Island 36th Ave Bridge*…” the reality is that the Roosevelt Island Bridge will close to cars and trucks for much of the day. That’s because Vernon Boulevard will close, cutting off traffic into and from Queens.

*There is no such thing as a “Roosevelt Island 36th Ave Bridge.” That’s an invention from the outsiders running RIOC without bothering to learn the basics.

Street Closing for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour

It’s like a non-competitive New York City Marathon for bicyclists, a tour through all the boroughs lasting for hours. If you’ve ever watched the riders roll down the FDR across the East River, you have an idea of how endless a parade of 30,000 bikes can be.

And with gorgeous weather on tap, a full turnout is likely.

Like the Marathon, that means streets close for many hours, and two street closings directly affect Roosevelt Island.

Most dramatic: Vernon Boulevard between 31st Avenue and 44th Drive. That seals off bridge access for cars, trucks and Q102 buses. The hours of closing have not been disclosed, but conservatively, think “all day” on Sunday.

Also, shutting down 21st Street between Queens Plaza South and Hoyt Avenue North will restrict other alternatives like connecting in Queens with the subway.

On the Bright Side

No restrictions on any mass transit have been announced; so, barring unexpected issues, Tram and Subway travel should be active. Be aware, though, that restricting bus and car traffic means increased use of other local resources.

And because, as of this writing, RIOC appears not only clueless but a resource for misinformation, don’t expect their stepping up with any support.

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