Where Are Hochul’s Gag Orders Now When We Need Them?

Where Are Hochul’s Gag Orders Now When We Need Them?

Standing gag orders have kept RIOC’s collective mouth shut about OMNY, the Sportspark drowning and more. This contradicts Governor Hochul’s hot air about transparency and reflects her administration’s disregard for Shelton J. Haynes. But jeez, after the spate of mass media self-promotions lately, we kinda wish for more. The most recent, in City & State, is easily the worst in all categories. It also graphically makes a point about gross incompetence in Blackwell House.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

Through intermediaries in the Executive Chamber – sometimes known as “the Second Floor” – Governor Kathy Hochul runs RIOC. Even day-to-day decisions are overseen from Albany by nameless bureaucrats with a hotline to the CEO.


For that reason, Hochul must be held accountable for the mess RIOC has become here along with Seldom Seen Shelton J. Haynes, the alleged Chief Executive Officer.

Desperately Seeking a Gag Order

Since late last year, Haynes and his inner circle have invested public money in personal publicity lamely pretending to promote Roosevelt Island tourism. But because of illiteracy and lack of writing skills, they’ve had the opposite effect.

Take the boldface title in the latest sponsored post in City & State:

Roosevelt Island: A Hidden Gem Nestled Between Queens & New York City At the Helm of the State Ran Agency is President & CEO Shelton J. Haynes.

City & State

“Between Queens & New York City…?” Really?

That’s a mouthful of something, but it isn’t a headline. It’s illiterate – “State Ran Agency” – and also lacks necessary punctuation. Can anyone spare a period? And it resurrects the dreaded “hidden gem” cliche that attracts attention from approximately no one.

And the “State Ran Agency” goes unidentified until the next to last paragraph and this stronghold of illiteracy: “Much of the Island’s improvements is credited to the work of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) President & CEO Shelton J. Haynes.”

:…improvements is credited…?”

Both RIOC’s Communications AVP Akeem Jamal and Haynes claim they graduated from college. Jamal even says he owns a Masters Degree. But something’s missing here. Like basic literacy.

Dear Governor Hochul: Please put a gag order on this crap, too.

Further Evidence: A Few Not-Hidden Gems

Opening sentence: “From the breathtaking views looking out of the iconic tram or the jaw-dropping art installations and parkland – Roosevelt Island is so much more.”

Than what?

“For all its glory, Roosevelt Island has made bold statements in recent years in major categories, including tourist attractions, capital projects, critical investments into the quality of life, and building community relationships with major giants like Cornell Tech.”

For all its glory, what about the minor giants?

Gold Star for the Worst

“At almost every corner of the Island, visitors and residents alike will be met with historical anecdotes that will leave many thinking about times when President Roosevelt delivered a speech in Four Freedoms Park…”

President Roosevelt died 67 years before the park opened.

And this mindboggling run-on sentence: “Operating like a small-town Roosevelt Island is unique as it offers essential services, including a Public Safety Department (PSD), a vibrant Youth Center providing high-quality care and programming, free transportation for Island goers to get around, facilities and horticultural teams to upkeep the Island and is one of three places in all of the United States that has an underground automated vacuum waste collection system, and will soon unveil a state-of-the-art fitness and recreation facility.”

What exactly is “unique” about a town offering “essential services.”

What’s unique here is the wild display of public illiteracy and misinformation presented with such gall and paid for by Roosevelt Island residents.

Where’s the gag order we need to protect Roosevelt Island from these ongoing embarrassments?

Governor Hochul, are you listening?

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