Another One Bites the Dust: Markus Sztejnberg Exits RIOC

Another One Bites the Dust: Markus Sztejnberg Exits RIOC

Markus Sztejnberg, the latest domino to fall in a row of RIOC executives, left recently after just a few months on staff. He “…is the latest RIOC executive to resign,” an informant tells The Daily. “Haynes is keeping quiet about it in his bunker. It all looks and smells bad.”

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

One More Out the Door Under Haynes and Hochul

Markus Sztejnberg/LinkedIn

RIOC’s latest unexplained departure, Markus Sztejnberg, hired as Deputy General Counsel just two months ago, has already fled RIOC. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is overseen by Governor Kathy Hochul.

She inherited the job when Andrew Cuomo resigned, and although she’s had over six months to clean up the debacle in place, she has not replaced President/CEO Shelton J. Haynes nor acted at all to fill out or replace a spineless board.

Here’s the situation according to a Twitter post:

About Markus Sztejnberg

Departures started within days of Haynes’s taking over the reins at RIOC. Highly regarded Public Information Officer Terrence McCauley walked out within the first month. Long-term employees like Jessica Spencer-EL joined short-termers like Debra Kustka in short order.

Like Sztejnberg, Kustka arrived at RIOC with a solid and lengthy resume in state service but lasted less than three months under Haynes.

In neither case – or any of the others – has Haynes made any effort at explaining their sudden departures.

“Due to the unusual number of employees that resigned or were terminated recently,” our informant writes about Sztejnberg’s resignation, “just a few employees were informed and were told to ‘keep it quiet.’

“Haynes is concerned that if this information becomes public, it will show his inability to manage the agency and further damage his reputation.”

Sztejnberg first appeared at RIOC, last fall, as what General Counsel Gretchen Robinson called a “special counsel.” That role amounted to overhauling the state agency’s public purpose fund grants.

But by early 2022, he replaced Arthur Eliav, inexplicably chased out by Haynes after fifteen years of service, as Deputy General Counsel. And now, he’s already joined the chain of departures.

Maybe it’s time for Hochul to step up and explain her unrelenting support for Haynes and the shitshow plaguing RIOC.

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