What are they hiding now? Hochul and RIOC protecting Haynes

What are they hiding now? Hochul and RIOC protecting Haynes

What are they hiding now? After receiving valid information that RIOC President/CEO Shelton J. Haynes may have violated employee guidelines, we asked the bunkered state agency for some simple data. Five months later, Team Bozo can’t figure it out. Or is there more to it?

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

What are they hiding now and why would they?

Shelton J. Haynes (Standing in blue sweater) at the senior center during his time as RIOC Chief Operating Office.

A core requirement for New York State employees is that they reveal and ask for approval before engaging in outside work.

While there is no question of Haynes doing work in another state during his tenure as Chief Operating Officer here, a whistleblower insists that he never got – or even sought – approval.

Allegations were made that he pulled down cash from two jobs at the same time.

We wanted to dig deeper in fairness to Haynes as well as our readers who footed at least half the tab. So, because the state agency that never makes a mistake also never responds to media requests, we inquired via Freedom of Information Law.

What is the Freedom of Information Law in New York?

The Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”), located in Article 6 of the New York Public Officers Law, provides the public with access to government records. It is designed “to give the public greater access to the records of government agencies.”

The stated purpose of FOIL is “to ensure continued public confidence in government” and “to provide means by which the public may obtain information regarding the day-to-day operation of government.”

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is a public benefit corporation created under Chapter 576 of the Laws of 1984, and is, therefore, subject to the provisions of FOIL.

What we wanted

We simply wanted to know if Haynes had ever sought and received permission to engage in any form of compensated outside work while being employed, full time, by RIOC. We asked for all records that would indicate this or show otherwise – simple enough, right? WRONG.

Five months later, we get a response from RIOC’s FOIL officer with a grand total of ZERO responsive documents. Not one.

In the end, this problem is at the feet of Governor Kathy Hochul and her Albany team. That group controls RIOC under a tighter rein even than Cuomo held. They have Haynes sheltered like a problem child inside Blackwell House, not permitted to move a muscle or speak until Albany says so.

Bottom line: Hochul protects Haynes, regardless of performance or ethics. Her motivation is political and Roosevelt Island is her victim.

What is going on here?

Is RIOC so incompetent that they can’t figure out if their CEO got permission to work another job on the side? Or is something else going on?

We’ll keep you posted as this story develops…

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