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Ghosts of Greenwich Village Still Haunt the Streets and Alleys


The Ghosts of Greenwich Village still haunt the streets of New York City. These ghosts are the spirits of artists, writers, and musicians who once called Greenwich Village home. Some say you can still hear their music echoing through the streets late at night.

Others claim they saw them roaming around in search of their former haunts. Whether you believe the stories or not, Greenwich Village has a ghostly history.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

The history of Greenwich Village and its connection to the supernatural

Greenwich Village is an area of New York City steeped in rich history and unique culture.

It first came to life as a small settlement of Dutch farmers in the 17th century and eventually became a haven for early revolutionary literature, progressive thinking, and artistic development.


But it’s not just its human inhabitants that are said to have left their mark on this part of Manhattan; there are also rumored supernatural connections here. There’s the notorious House of Death on West 10th Street.

One especially well-known legend involves a witch who put a hex on any man who dared to stand on the NorthWest corner of 13th Street and 6th Avenue. Believe it or not, these tales add an intriguing layer of mystery to the fascinating story of Greenwich Village.

More ghosts of Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village has quite a few spooky stories to tell. From haunted houses to ancient curses and perhaps even a few lingering spirits, supernatural tales shroud this bustling New York neighborhood.

Most famous are rumors of a spectral Greenwich Villager spotted wandering around Washington Square Park late at night. Locals believe the ghost was once a Revolutionary War general.

Then there’s the alleged Greenwich Village witch, who was known throughout the area for practicing her dark magic on unsuspecting visitors.

A likely source of unsettled spirits is the now demolished prison that served New York City. It’s where the term “going up the river” comes from.

And a reputed, 400-year-old “hanging tree” occupies the northwest corner of Washington Square Park, under which thousands of bodies are buried.

Haunted locations in Greenwich Village today

If you’re looking for some spooky fun in New York City, then a visit to Greenwich Village is a must. It’s no secret that this neighborhood is one of the most haunted places in all of the Big Apple and there are plenty of spots.

For example, The Ear Inn, originally built in 1770 and formerly used as living quarters for Irish immigrants, has a ghostly apparition. Other notable sites that may contain paranormal activity include White Horse Tavern and the Cherry Lane Theatre.

Whether it’s an unexplained gust of chilling air or some otherworldly entity causing mischief, visiting these haunted locations will make your skin crawl!

Tips for spotting a ghost while walking around the village

Exploring the streets of Greenwich Village can be exciting, with the potential for some supernatural activity.

Keep your eyes peeled for signs that a ghost might be lurking nearby – strange lights in an old house, odd noises coming from empty lots and children’s laughter from bygone days.

Keep your ears open; listen for anything unusual or out of place. If a chill runs down your spine or you find yourself being watched, you may have encountered a ghost. But stay calm because panicking won’t help.

So take it all in stride. Who knows what you’ll discover when exploring the village…

How to avoid being haunted by a ghost

With so many tales of ghostly hauntings out there, it’s no surprise that sometimes we find ourselves worrying about getting visited by a spirit from the other side.

But fret not because there are steps you can take that make sure you don’t end up in an unwelcome haunting.

Avoiding negative or dark energies is the key; doing things like cleansing your living space and eating healthy foods helps. And they are good practices anyway.

Other than that, honor any spiritual beliefs you have and practice positive thinking. If all else fails, you can always grab a few extra clove-scented candles for added protection.


Greenwich Village has a long, storied history, dating back to the days when Native Americans settled the area. Today, it’s known for its connection to the supernatural, with many famous ghost stories associated with the neighborhood.

If you’re interested in exploring the haunted side of Greenwich Village, there are plenty of locations you can visit. And if you try your hand at spotting a ghost, following our tips should increase your chances of success.

Just be careful not to anger any spirits while you’re walking around… Unless, of course, you’re looking for a haunt of your own.

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  1. Thanks for this. I was looking up oldest pub in Manhattan and found the Ear Inn. Which lead me to this posts. I’ll read more of your posts. I’m coming to NYC in September

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