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San Francisco Point of View


San Francisco point of view… “Walking through a park in San Francisco, I found an abandoned hopscotch court just as the sun set. It had a kind of lost childhood, haunting feel that I couldn’t resist.” Photographer Deborah Julian

A San Francisco Point of view
San Francisco points of view came from many angles….

The image is atmospheric, a little wistful with the suggestion of fleeting childhood, with a sneaky surreal flavor. Evocative fine art prints are great for decor and as gifts. Fog gathers over the city just barely visible below.

There’s a haunting remoteness about the passage time, days ended and darkness consuming the day. San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the U. S. It’s so rich and unique, pictures just beg to be taken, to capture a perfect moment that won’t come again with its special message.

The San Francisco I knew when I wrote Traveling Without A Passport was a wistful and singular place. A decade after the Summer of Love, it felt haunted. For me.

Time Passes: A Different San Francisco Point of View

Sand Francisco roared out of a somewhat quaint history into the digital age. A surprising legacy of its hippie past, San Francisco and surroundings delivered a whole new world for a new century.

Deborah Julian‘s photo brings yet another look, a lonely, cool and isolated look that change leaves in the shadows.

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