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Losing Greenwich Village: Rocco’s Pasticceria


Correction: I was thrilled to see, on October 13th, that Rocco’s reopened after all. Sometimes, it’s good to find out you were wrong. Here’s a photo of the new look. Pasticceria Rocco, and humbly, our previous, inaccurate story follows.

Losing Greenwich Village sped up when Rocco’s Pasticceria, a Bleeker Street institution disappeared. Sure, the handwritten sign says they’re “Closed for Vacation.” And “We will be reopening on September 23rd (or shortly thereafter.) No, they won’t.

Losing Greenwich Village: Rocco's Pasticceria
A handwritten sign promises a reopening around September 23rd, but a peek through torn window covering shows it’s gutted inside.

Rocco’s Facebook Page remains, and Trip Advisor hasn’t caught up either. The latest review is four weeks old.

Will Rocco’s Pasticceria reopen? Maybe, but the signs are not promising.

Losing Greenwich Village: Rocco’s Pasticceria

When I first set foot in Greenwich Village, it was 1967, Thanksgiving weekend. My buddy Jon and I, on a lark, drove to New York City. We hung round for a few hours before driving back home overnight with snow falling through the Catskills.

Those were hippie days, and the Village was full of head shops, basement clubs and places like Rocco’s. Beatnik coffee shops dominated the corner of Bleecker and McDougal Streets. But Italian roots held steady.

For a while.

But the relentless crawl of gentrification creeps along Bleecker, raising prices, chasing away free spirits artists, singers and writers who defined the Village.

Just this year, out for a walk, we discovered that Porto Bello, a place we loved, one of the last authentic Italian restaurants, closed.

So, finding Rocco’s closed wasn’t a shock, just a disappointment.

Are we really losing Rocco’s Pasticceria in Greenwich Village?

It’s an open question, and as long as the interior remains gutted, it will be. But the answer grows clearer with time.

Whoever put up the sign promising a reopening this week (or soon after) meant it. There’s even a Department of Buildings permit posted, but somewhere, progress stopped.

It’s gutted inside. A glass covered counter where we used to pick out cookies to take home at Christmas is covered with dust. No pastries inside.

But there’s a hint about he future. A menu is posted on the window. It reads more like a deli than an Italian bakery.

Losing Greenwich Village: Rocco's Pasticceria menu tells a story.
Are we losing Greenwich Village? Rocco’s Pasticceria, according to the menu, lost the bakery and is now focused on “ROCCO’S BIG BREAKFAST.”


Change is inevitable, and Rocco’s Pasticceria is gone. Even reopened, it will cater to a different crowd with different needs.

Are we losing Greenwich Village? The answer is “Yes.” Rocco’s was just one of the few remaining holdouts, symbols from the old days.

It’s gone.


  1. I haven’t been to NYC for a while, hut I’ve been buying the larger, latticed, candied fruit version of the Italian cheesecake since 1973. It seems to have gone missing from the menu. Tell me that it’s not true and I’ll have to go check out the old competitor in Brooklyn.

  2. Thanks, I bought my last cheesecake there, I think, 3 years ago. It was 1/2 of the larger one to
    bring back to SF And I’m more than frustrated by this, I’ve just tried 2 more recipes out of
    my Italian cheesecake file. One is closer, but you know, it’s not horseshoes.

    • Finally got back there today. They have cheesecake still, but not that cheesecake. Sorry. We’ve lost a lot of things in the pandemic, and this is one of them.

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