Blame Kathy Hochul and Shelton Haynes, Not the Tourists


Despite New York City and state health guidelines, Governor Kathy Hochul and RIOC CEO Shelton Haynes make no effort to protect Roosevelt Islanders against COVID and other respiratory infections. Cases, hospitalizations and deaths are at levels not seen since last summer, but neither has stepped up to help.

by David Stone

The Roosevelt Island Daily News

At Inauguration, Hochul Vows to Make New York Safer…” was the headline for a New York Times article. But that’s about as credible as her promise, shortly after taking over from Andrew Cuomo, that she’d improve accountability and transparency.

From a Roosevelt Island point of view, she did neither as our report on Haynes’s self-composed transparency plan showed. And her promise of a safer New York is equally false. Here’s the evidence:

Typically, where face masks could make a big difference, Roosevelt Island Tram cabins have been packed full of visitors without them, making every ride a hazard for residents. Moreover, not a single sign warns anyone boarding the cabins about the high rate of infections or the advice given by the state’s health department as well as the city.

Here’s what the New York City website says: “We strongly recommend wearing a face covering as much as possible when you are with other people in an indoor setting that is not your home, even if 6 feet of distance can be maintained.”

And New York State’s guidance is identical.

So, why isn’t the Kathy Hochul/Shelton J. Haynes administration doing what they should and protecting us?

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